Smartcash for women


@mark-smartcash i appreciate the fact that you see the need for this project, but the question about this project addressing three distinct problems should be an advantage to the community and to smartcash, three problems with clear cut solutions in one major project. if you read @Cryptonfused responds to columbiaminer, you will see that he explicitly made it clear that the three distinct features of the proposal is interlinked, breaking it into three different proposals will mean doing the same thing in different ways. we have clearly outlined the phases of implementation in the milestone section of the proposal, meaning we will be doing each activity after successive activities, which has been clearly outlined in the proposal, breaking it into three will mean doing the same thing but in different ways. we can decide to go with the approach you are talking about, focusing this proposal on women inclusion, then later we come out with a different proposal to talk about ease of acquiring smartcash and finally to the last, its doing the same thing in different ways, why don’t we do it once in one project? Don’t forget we are always opened to suggestions on making the project a better and more robust one. thank you, cheers


@yankdiary i appreciate your responds and your question, now what we intend doing is teaching women on digital currencies with focus only on smartcash, the ease of transaction and the least cost involved in transaction, when we were coming out with the project it was one of the issues we thought about, and @Cryptonfused even mentioned the emergence of new smartcash technologies (SmartCard), on the smartcash discord platform i read @mark-smartcash talking about the release of the Smartcard somewhere in July if i am not wrong, now the card is coming out at a time its highly needed, this project will kick-start at a time transactions on smartcash will become very easier, women will definitely be taken through the technological processes involved in transacting in smarts. suffice me to say that Mobile money in Ghana is a technological tool, a bit virtual but women still use it to make transactions. we will be training them on how smartcash operate and equip them with the tools necessary for ease of transaction, especially the smartcard which has been mentioned in the proposal. thank you. cheers


Ayd … that’s nice @Momako


thank you very much @yankdiary, hope to get your support to take smartcash to this all important group of our society, we are always opened to suggestions and comments, together we can take smartcash to where it deserves. cheers


@Momako can I get an invite link to join the smartcash discord???


Including anything in the proposal that is against the SmartHive Project Treasury terms will invalidate the entire proposal.

These are rules set forth by the SmartHIve, including "Attention!

  1. Proposal Funds can not be transferred back to the community as a kickback, rebate, or donation nor can they be used to fund third parties. Proposals that have this objectives will be removed. "

Examples of these are not specifically mentioned are: treasuries, funding additional proposals, DAOs, and funding exchange liquidity (which is really just re-selling SmartCash).

That said, proposals that have clear, measureable goals with reasonable timelines and costs are more likely to gather votes. Including multiple projects that have distinct timelines, goals, or and teams make sense to have voting done individually. If any part of a project sours a voter, they are more likely to vote NO on the entire thing.



I’m expecting SmartCard very soon, yes. There is a new brochure describing SmartCard which will be released tomorrow.


Thank you @mark-smartcash, @Cryptonfused and myself are willing to update and rework the proposal to the best fit, we have intentions of removing the business incubator aspect of the proposal, but if a different Alt-coin picks that up its really going to promote that coin, this should have been smartcash’s opportunity to change the world’s view on digital currencies. cheers


@seanbrodie ,@columbiaminer ,@keydos , @Solarminer , i appreciate your time, comments and suggestions made in this proposal, i would be glad if you could check this info. you would see that women are not how we think or take them to be, @nitego has already mentioned in her comment the need for this project. @slpin and @mark-smartcash have also seen the need, @cryptonfused and i want to reiterate that we want to get the best from this proposal for the overall benefit of the community, please check this out; ( women are not as you see them.

#60 please click the link to join.


@mark-smartcash, Thanks for clarifying this. Valid point I hope it’s taken on board, and proposal adjusted accordingly. This is good constructive feedback - something that can actually be used to improve the proposal.


Including multiple projects that have distinct timelines, goals, or and teams make sense to have voting done individually.

This is one project which can be broken down into smaller parts. Those parts were not made to be independent of each other the next part adds to and strengthen the robustness of entire project and increase impact and benefit to the community. Some parts will likely be eliminated or removed to follow set rules. Nevertheless; those rules should probably be revised and amended.

But even the rules isn’t quite the issue here; its the unwillingness of core members to work with us to realise the projet. Maybe they just can’t see the importance; so far. It is clear not a alot of people can. We put alot of effort into this project. Quite disappointing to see such negative pushback.


Your proposal is just taking advantage of the voters… In all respect it is laid out…

Slpin you should stop being negative or pushing such negative opinion towards the project, a project which we put so much effort into with the best interest of SmartCash in mind. Even with my well-thoughout response, this is how you choose to be appreciative. I’m not what more we can say here. I guess personal opinions are just personal opinions. If the proposal is not favorable to you, it does not mean you have to so negative. Kindly revise your line of thought; and thanks in advance.

If you are so sure it is great - and with the amount that you are asking, do it “pro-bono” for a while…

Yes, These plans are solid and quite modular, we worked on these thing so that they could be flexible, it’s obvious even, just reduce this or that, certain parts can even be muted. The core concept can also be contracted a bit, but the core concepts are solid.

put your words where your mouth is - and you certainly have alot of words…

Mmm, you mean “my funds where my mouth is or perhaps my funds where my words are” …, ok slpin.

Prove me wrong without the community needing to fund it and pay for your “trial-an-error”…

@slpin , If the requested funds are too high and makes you uneasy or worried or concerned just say so.


You are welcome…We may have slightly different visions or proposal may seem too ambitious to you but that doesn’t mean we are rivals. We should work together.


Thank u @mark-smartcash


Separate proposals! Once that is done it is all fine. The amount that you need is what you need and I am neutral on it.

Good luck Momako


@thelifestyler i appreciate your responds on the project, we got work to do, always opened for suggestions and additions to make the project better.


@slpin , @Solarminer

Momako and I are dedicated to working for the best interest of SmartCash.

We would appreciate if you could take another look at this proposal and see it for what it actually is.

The proposal takes into consideration numerous problems and attempts to solve them. It also attempts to involve smartcash in real world solutions. By doing so we are aiming to go for noticeable impact.

We can also address concerns and any other issues but removing any part of the proposal will reduce the massive potential it has for smartcash and for impacting of lives.

SmartCash has so much potential as a community driven digital currency. We are kindly asking you to be more open to new ideas and to have a more constructive and progressive discussion with us. Let us work together for the best interest of smartcash and not let our personal opinions deter us from making plausible steps forward.



Again, some of the action items are not even relevant to SmartCash.
Discussion on Gender Inequality, Women Empowerment & SmartCash

What does gender inequality have to do with smartcash? Sure this might be an issue and a way to get people to visit the workshop, but let’s face it. This isn’t going to make a difference with SmartCash vs any other payment type.

Again these numbers are just gigantic and very vague on what will actually get done.
• 5 million SmartCash which is needed to pool together capital necessary to fund and support the businesses
I can pay 100 businesses, but that means nothing unless there is some benefit returned.

And again the exchange…if you really want an exchange, just do it. Don’t ask for millions of smartcash because it is “hard to exchange”. Charge a fee on each exchange and make money doing it.

Rather than trying to put 100 things in a proposal that look good and are likely to get some yes votes. Just focus on one thing at a time. Start small. Right now even if this could be positive, any benefit would be 1-2 years out…which I don’t see any without specific requirements for each funded business. The risk is that this amount of funds will drop the price by a significant amount for several months.


I’ve only now gotten to reading your response. That’s a much better response from you @solarminer. I’ll respond shortly. This kind of critim is what I was looking for, and with at least a bit more specification.