SmartCash Forum APP


Hello everyone. Im new on the community (2 days) and Im really amazed about how the community around the world is commited to achieve massive adoption and knowledge about SmartCash. Its something awesome.

I found the Forum one of the most important tools/features of the project and since I want to interact every single hour in many types of topics, and also since Im always working from my smartphones, I would LOVE an app made just for Forum purposes: receive pop notifications, edit my profile, post, reply and all the features available on the forum. I tried the web mobile app and its cool but I think it could exist something way better

I think this would increase forum interactions exponentially since everybody uses their smartphones for all day long.

I just gave my opinion of a personal requirement and I think it could be valuable for the community. I would appreciate your feedback!!! Regards


Agree with you, even if there are telegram channels, Discordia and others, as such the interaction of the forum would be more efficient with a tool like the one you propose.


The forum is built on Discourse. You can get apps for that here: