Smartcash has lost %100 of it's value in 15 days


Wonder whats going on??


It has gone up and now it is going down. up and down. is what the price’s do.


Thank you for raising this question. There must be a reason for this, no one is adressing this drop in price? I mean most of crypto has turned more or less bullish, but smartcash keeps declining. I am considering selling all my coins within a couple of days, if I see no light at the end of the tunnel.


@OwnControl. Than you for your mild attempt at an explanation. I am a seasoned trader and quite savvy of money markets. I posted this not so much with the intent to find a “why” but just to instead to point out the heavy statistical swing that is also uncorrelated to the general movement of the market.

SmartCash has for the majority of it’s existence seen it’s price move opposite relative to the entire market and all other alts. It is interesting to me. I’m refering to smaller increments, 3-7 week cycles.

Since this space is heavily manipulated there is always a direct correlation from the price of a coin and the actions of the holders of the majority of the coins. If you analyze all the transactions it is CLEAR that some address are of course responsible for most of the volume action, etc. Now because this SmartCash platform claims to be a democratic coin for the people and not another scam within a privacy coin it would seem logical for people to want to keep an eye out for irregulations, etc…


One contributing factor is the fact that the SmartNode bug has not been fixed for 3 months now.

No one wants to talk about it, but the fact is this bug is allowing someone to essentially steal mining rewards from honest node operators.

It’s inexcusable.


Its normal for every young crypto currency.

This is the reason why I put up liquidity proposal.

When price is up not a lot of people are selling and when price is down

not a lot of people are buying. So we kind of need liquidity to

stop huge fluctuations.


I’m not aware of any news or specific reasons why SmartCash has dropped. SmartCash liquidity make us vulnerable to volatility, all it takes is a big fish that wants to manipulate the price or that just decides to sell. It is one of the reasons why we need a good new listing.