SmartCash in cryptopia exchange ,Market Paused

At the request of the SmartCash Devs, SmartCash has been put into maintenance. We would like to thank you for your patience in the meantime.

Do anyone know the reason, how long can it be possible to recover the deal?


Good question. I would also like to know the scoop. :slight_smile:


i would aslo like to know


I’ve got no specific info other than the official twitter announcement (

“We are aware of a Zerocoin exploit affecting SmartCash and other Zerocoin based coins. The 1.1 release, containing the SmartNode code has already been deployed on testnet. A public release will follow later today. Exchanges are expected halt trading during this upgrade.”


Is there any truth in the rumour a load of faked coins were dumped onto HiTBTC last night?
it’s mentioned on the Reddit page and the news page of Discord.


You tell me)


Is the 1.1 update implying that it will fix the zerocoin vulnerability?


Is there any update as to how long cryptopia wallets will be in maintenance?


I’d like to know this also. This takes a pretty long time so far tbh! Imagine having thousands of users using your payment system and you are gone for days…


It looks like Cryptopia should open in the coming days. On Discord, @Somnium said Cryptopia should open its market tomorrow, @JuicyG said it should be early this week.


It will be interesting what happens to the price once Cryptopia begins trading again. I noticed after they suspended trading on the 9th the cap lost $70mm and on the 10th another $40mm.
Once all those coins get dumped on the market we should see a significant price drop.
Thats a major variable in the recent jump in price.
Any thoughts?


This type of situation is not new, every time the markets froze transfers (which happened every time we had a new wallet release - except this time Cryptopia even froze its exchange place), the price have spiked crazy.
When Cryptopia opens again, the price will indeed drop.


Yeah it will be interesting indeed!


Thanks for sharing this!


Hello, which is the real price of SMART? Coinmarketcap marks 1.7$ but on cryptopia is 2211 sat (0.3$).

Many thanks


Is any other exchange where can i buy smart?


2211 is the price of Smart as of 1/8 when they suspended trading on Cryptopia

Here is the link to coinmarket cap with most of the smart exchanges


Hello, thanks for your response and help!


As showed on Coinmarketcap, you can buy smarts on HitBTC, Coinexchance and Stock.Exchange. Cryptopia, which usually has the biggest market cap by far paused all trades. There’s other places you can trade too, like on Crypto-Bridge (see the official SmartCash twitter for more details, but they are not listed on Coinmarketcap.

Be careful though! For the time being, no exchange will allow you to transfer your Smarts back to your private wallet. Exchanges have to update their wallets before they enable transfers again. This is one of the reasons you see such a disparity in prices (the other and main reason is that Cryptopia’s 0.3$ do not refer to the actual price, but to the last 09/01/2018 trade).

As reported on the official SmartCash Discord (invite link:, Cryptopia should resume trades and transfers tomorrow or early in the coming week.

You probably know i, it is not advised to follow advices from strangers on the web when investing in Cryptos, but if I were you I’d wait until the exchanges update their wallet before buying Smarts. Chances are the prices will drop down.


Hello. Thanks for your highly detailed explanation. Actually that is what I was thinking, I will wait till the situation gets normal again and I will buy on Cryptopia.

Thanks so much.