SmartCash in cryptopia exchange ,Market Paused


Hey guys, does anyone have any news when cryptopia will return? Seems they are acting as a Scam, there is several coins stopped


Cryptopia is dealing with a lot of things now (, but according to the SmartCash team on Discord, they prioritize SmartCash. Transfers and trades should have been open again in the beginning of this week, but we are still waiting. We don’t have an ETA for now.


Dear DEV! Could you return our money. We are 10 days away with our big money, without making a trader, losing money … that’s a big deal! Why do not you just tell us at once if they’re going to give us back our coins or if they’ll get hold of them for you. At least put a stop to that damn waiting, without giving us any satisfaction. This is Robbery!


The developers are not cryptopia. Problems with protocols, exchanges and other technical issues are just part of dealing with crypto currencies. I understand your frustration but at the same time, why get angry at something out of your control? Just relax and be patient. With smart rewards and nodes, 2018 is going to be a big year so hold on and you’ll get the benefit.


To whom it may concern:

I recently transferred my coins to my Smart Cash desktop wallet from Cryptopia but once the new wallet was updated on the Smart Cash Desktop Wallet my coins disappeared. Please help me to recover them.

I made two SmartCash transactions:

  1. January 1st @11:29AM - 10276.2882021 Smart - Confirmed on Cryptopia and went through on my Smart Cash Wallet Desktop

  2. January 5th @5:57PM - 5939.08109276 Smart - Confirmed on Cryptopia but never went through to my Smart Cash Wallet Desktop


Please check this thread: Cryptopia will close its SmartCash markets


i researched the place to trade smart without hassle
( ) can you guys still recomend it in regards to the smartreward


exchanges do not have smartrewards
use your own wallet, or use the web wallet :slight_smile:


of course … only use it for fast transactions