Good day Smartcash community, My name is Solomon Emetonjo and I am a student of Moshood Abiola Polytechnic. I am a blockchain enthusiast, a blogger on steemit and other related Blockchain platforms. I’m into Android/Kotlin programming and was/is a contributor to open source projects via utopian-io and GitHub.

I have been contributing positively to several blockchain and off blockchain projects through content writing (blog), bug reports, and suggestions(GitHub push & commits). I have also been following SMARTCASH since it’s early days and even the times of smartcash team on steemit.



Introduction to proposals

I have organized two different successful blockchain meetups one(1) in my school with positive impacts and also in other remote location. These meetups exposed attendees to blockchain technology and other projects which was introduced.

With the current blockchain development and awareness, adaption is massively increasing. Because of this, I am planning on introducing SMARTCASH to students in my school (MAPOLY).

From the past meetups, I observed that the attendees are passionate about Blockchain technology. Most of them are familiar with Bitcoin and some there Alts. In fact, cryptocurrency and exchanges are not new news to them anymore. They had previously traded Bitcoin to fiat or other alts.

I tend to find out that they are always ready to learn more about a topic or things that are blockchain related. This is one of the main reason i’m planning to organise and introduce SMARTCASH in my school to educate them on how they can leverage the full potential of blockchain with their everyday lives while using smartcash as the main focus and case studies and exposing them to all smart features on smartcash project.

The outreach is to create a sane community of newly smartcash enthusiast in my school for any further or group developments of an envisioned project that we will all agree on working together.

The main focus is to introduce the smart cryptocurrency to the students who will be present on the day of the event. Introducing Smartcash to about 60 to 100 plus technically inclined students who are already exposed to blockchain will definitely add value to smartcash ecosystem.

Benefits Of The Outreach Meetup

  • Introducing newly technical students to the smartcash project and blockchain technology.

  • Introducing smartcash to MAPOLY sch.

  • Teaching them the usefulness of blockchain and ways it solves payment issues using SMARTCASH as the case study.

  • Introducing them to the smart hive proposal DAO, explaining and encouraging them on how they can leverage the platform with their creative skills to contribute to the smartcash project and its development.

  • Sharing of smartcash brochures and smart accepted here stickers

  • About 60 to 100+ students would be available

  • Teaching and exposing them to the smartcash sister coin which is bitcoin confidential.


Looks like a great idea. This should be something you can do without any funds too. No need for brochures and stickers since all the SmartCash info is available online. Downloading wallets and showing students how to receive and send SmartCash is a free and a fun activity. You could even setup the SmartPay app and have users make SmartCards and use them to pay for things. Have fun with the idea.


Yes that’s true. The event would be fun. However, most of the equipments needed to make it fun as planned will be rented.

For example,

  • Hall
  • Camera (photography)
  • Smartcash shirts
  • Banners

From my proposal, I stated that I would be Introducing it to students in my school. And I believe students will definitely attend a meetup where there would be giveaways, as all of these will entice them.

Introducing them to Smartcash can voluntarily be done but would be nice if it’s sponsored by the team. Getting all the required equipments won’t cost more than a few hundred dollars. That’s all that I planned. But if the team think it doesn’t worth it, then, I will let it pass. Thank you.