Smartcash in two important events of Open Source Software in the South Brazil



Represent the Smartcash in both of two Open Source Software events (LATINOWARE 2018 and FTSL 2018) that will happen on October in this year, at state of Paraná, Brazil.

How to

To represent the Smartcash in that events, we will participat of the discussion board, talk presentation, to involve with the community to talk, change experiences, to distribute bussiness card, flyers, stickers of the Smartcash, to fix the brand how to “top of mind”.

The both two participants are going to wear Smartcash t-shirts all the days, fixing the brand in the mind of the every people that will participat in that events.

In the talk we will promove a “faucet” to incentive the public to download the wallet in your smartphones or notebooks to test the use and fast transitions.

Showing the Smarthive we pretend recognize potencial cooperator users and give a gift of the Σ 100 to 200 to incentive users use that and involve them of Open Source Software community.

The gift will be gave after a tournament with the coin. For example: Propose to public that recover a private key where is the reward.


15º Congresso Latino-americano de Software Livre e Tecnologias Abertas – Latinoware – october 16th to 19th at Itaipu Binacional, in Foz do Iguaçu/Paraná/Brazil.

Itaipu is the one of the biggest hydroelectric of the Earth that generates clean and sustainable energy.

The event will gather more than 4k people (specialists, professionals, interestings, teachers, students and researchers) of every brasilian states and anothers countries.

For 15 years the event has been held and has strengthened a lot in South America. During the three days of event are arranged more than 250 activities, between talks, short courses, workshops, discussion board and more. All connected to the Open Source Software world.

10º Fórum de Tecnologia em Software Livre – FTSL ( - October 24th to 26th at UTFPR – Universidade Tecnológica Federal do Paraná, in Curitiba/Paraná/Brazil.

The University have a destac position to sharing of Open Source Software culture at the state of Paraná (that is a great business center and industrial of South Brazil).

The forum of Tecnological (FTSL) is an year event, held in Curitiba/Parana and has been considered the greatest free event of Open Source Software of Brazil and have goal sharing news tecnologies based in Open Source Software and change experiences with the community, universities, public and private companies.
This event gather more than 1500 peoples of south country and another countries of South America.

The disruptive philosophy of cryptocurrencies have a big close to the world of Open Source Software. We can say that the free culture is the beginning of the cryptocurrencies.

With the recent participation of Jon “Maddog” Hall (Linux Professional Institute) in the world of cryptocurrencies this becomes the ideal time to introduce the Smartcash community to Open Source Software events (with talks, discussion board).


  • 2018, October 16th to 19th – XV Latinoware (Foz do Iguaçu)
  • 2018, October 24th to 26th – X FTSL (Curitiba)


Latinoware 2018 (2 partipants of Smartcash community – Parana/Brazil)
• Subscription: $85
• Flights Curitiba – Foz do Iguaçu/Foz do Iguaçu - Curitiba: $420
• 4 Dailies Hotel: $360
• Food and transport (transfer airport/city + transport to go to event): $350

FTSL 2018 (2 participants os Smartcash community – Paraná/Brazil)
• Subscription: $0
• Flight: $0
• Hotel: $0
• Food and transport: $150

• Print materials for dissemination in both events (bussiness cards, flyers, stickers) + T-shirts: $350

• Rewards for tournaments: $50

• Team (2 members): involvement in events, talks, discussion board, planning, organization and execution: $500

Invested Total: USD: $ 2,265

Author: Juarez | Address: Curitiba, PR, Brazil
Telegram: @acebc


Great! These types of events are ideal for advertising SmartCash! Many successes in your trip! And I hope they leave our cryptocurrency up!


Update in 27, july: Talk proposal was accepted today in FTSL 2018 event. :grin:


Update in 16, august:

Proposal aproved with 91,46% YES!

I will strive to make THE BEST for the community.


I like it, considering the size should make many networks so that their presence is notorious in the event and that there are only 2 in a public of 4000. Successes!


Thanks Wilmer. There are others members envolved but not included in oficial proposal.
In Brasil we have a community very activate and united, its very good.


Olá ace, acho que sua proposta é muito boa e muito boa oportunidade de mostrar o smartcash nesses dois grandes eventos, sei que será um sucesso.

written in English
Hello ace, I think your proposal is very good and very good opportunity to show smartcash in those two big events, I know it will be a success.