SmartCash integrated in >50 ATM's


Hi community, I am DocSpagetti.
I am following SmartCash since beginning, but not very active in the community, besides Voting and running nodes.
That is changing now.

I am from Austria, just an Crypto Nerd and would like to see that SmartCash is used worldwide.
So I got into contact with an Austrian company, which have >50 Bitcoin ATM’s in Austria, Amsterdem (Nederlands) and Turin (Italy).
I got an offer from that company - The integration would cost 41000USD.
Thats a lot of money but I think we should take that opportunity … Its always good to do such deals in bear markets. As soon as we starting getting bullish again - it will be worth.

After integration it would be fantastic to do meetups at blockchain hubs in Austria to make to people aware of SmartCash - but that would be the next proposal. And I would love to get some support from people from Austria

What do you think about it?