Smartcash integration into e-commerce website



This purpose of this proposal is to integrate Smartcash into our E-commerce platform as a means of payment. is an E-commerce website providing premium quality goods, services and investment opportunities and has been in operation since March 2018. We offer and manage an organized platform for direct personal exchange business, escrow portal and private social network for p2p exchange between private sellers and buyers. As our name implies, we do not only provide quality service and products or linking users with product vendors, we take seriously our client’s safety and the integrity of our marketplace. In lieu with this commitment, we have provided Escrow services for our customers to help guaranty the quality and integrity of any purchase made on our website before releasing payment to the service provider or product vendor. Assurance of customer satisfaction is high on our priority list.

Given the intricacies of our platform, our goals and objective to provide a world class e-commerce platform with cutting edge technologies to deliver a sophisticated shopping experience devoid of fraud and friction. Since there is increased awareness of cryptocurrency in Nigeria as means of payment and many of our users have requested for this service. Having been convinced by the dedication and innovativeness of Smartcash project; we deemed it fit to extend a hand of partnership to integrate SmartCash unto our E-commerce platform.

On Approval of this proposal, we shall:

  • Integrate Smartcash wallet for every of our daily growing one thousand plus users and automate the process for new user accounts.
  • Act as mini-exchange for Fiat-SmartCash coins in Nigeria
  • Use SmartCash for the escrow services we offer
  • In joint efforts with you promote SmartCash to our users and represent SmartCash in our offices
  • In joint efforts with you promote SmartCash inTech conferences within in Nigeria and Africa

For this integration to be possible we shall need the following

$1000 for integration process which shall take a period of 2weeks to integrate

Social Media Campaign to be contracted to local social media firms, and traditional media including radio announcements and newspapers for a period of 1 month. $1500

Mouth to mouth advertisement & branded T-shirts. $500

Total Funds requested: $3000

Our Platform Features:

Broad selection of goods and services for sales, offered by both large and small businesses, in which makes every seller independent even for delivery.

Facilitates wide range of categories of wholesale and retail business with no unnecessary fees.

Opportunity to trade/exchange fiat and crypto currency.

Investment and job opportunities

Easy search for wide range of goods and services

Opportunity for Tasks/Chores Biding.

Extensive range of payment options

The customer based is aimed

Ability for users to create custom and proposed orders

Ability for users to transfer money from their virtual wallet to escrow wallet or another user’s virtual wallet.

Seller equality as the buyers get to know their sellers on the checkout page.

Website Statistics

number of existing users: 1,204

daily estimation: 26 unique visitors and 128 unique pageviews.

monthly estimation: 780 unique visitors and 5,040 unique pageviews

Total unique visitors: 9,490

total unique page views: 61,320

total Alexa traffic rank: 6,027,562

below is a link to confirm the report for is a product of SAFE COMPLEX MULTI-BIZ LIMITED.

RC NUMBER: 1438739

Date of Incorporation: 15TH SEPTEMBER 2017.


What do you have for sales/month?

You are mixing social media, advertising, and the actual site updates. Just do the site and forget the other padded expenses. And $2000 for that is still high. makes this very easy.


Monthly sales is between $700 and $3000 at the moment. We hope would give us the perfect technical solution we proposed. We will work on reducing the budget but the promotions we believe is very important to drive more Sales.


The proposal has been amended and cost reduced from $5500 to $3000. We would still love to hear your opinion. Thanks.


How do you plan to implement this “mini exchange”?


Acting as mini-exchange in this context mean that we shall have a buy and sell button for smartchash on our website where users can buy or sell directly to us for Naira without having to need bitcoin to carry out the transaction. And as demand grows we may have to integrate an exchange api if we cannot meet the demands.