SmartCash integration with Cosmos Tendermint and Blockchain Telegram Open Network (TON) technological capabilities through atomic swaps via Minter Network


Telegram Open Network (TON) & SmartCash
We announce the integration with TON as SmartCash primary target for the year 2019. The key difference that makes TON stand out is its team that has been changing almost every market it entered for years. The Durov brothers—Pavel and Nikolai—are not only the strongest developers of our time but also vocal advocates of freedom and independence. Only people like them can fully develop blockchain projects, thus expanding Satoshi Nakamoto’s idea of a new Internet with no censorship and manipulation and with equal access for everyone.

Below is a step-by-step approach we will take in 2019 to integrate SmartCash with TON:
Transfer of Any SmartCash-Issued Coin to TON
One will be able to transfer any coin from the SmartCash blockchain to that of TON.
SmartCash network’s validators will initiate the transfer automatically. Once the
transaction is accepted by TON’s validators, the coins will be available for use within the Telegram Open Network. The transfer of coins from TON to SmartCash
will also be automatic (available only for those created in SmartCash).

Smart Contracts
The coin transfer feature will enable us to use the Telegram Open Network’s
smart contracts. Everyone is doing their job to the best of their ability—we mint coins that can later be implemented in the TON’s smart contract environment, one of the most advanced ever.


Atomic swaps and technological solutions that open at the beginning of the new year make it possible to work with liquidity in incompatible blockchain chains and achieve integration and automated exchanges in cryptoactive assets based on different protocols. It is technically feasible to integrate SmartCash and BitcoinConfidential with Cosmos Tendermint and Telegram Open Network (TON) solutions. I would like to introduce these features and prove it with code. Hope for community interest.