SmartCash is on David Hay's show



Apart from being mentioned in one the last Crypto Lark’s vids (he already covered SmartCash in full before), SmartCash is on David Hay’s show.

His review is quite positive. I mean… He begins with how Ronald Wayne sold his 10% share o Apple for a few hundred bucks and then proceeds with the moral of the story: “So this just reinforces my opinion of finding good cryptos and then holding them, finding good projects and then understanding how the technology works and then just hold (…). So in today’s video I’m going to cover SmartCash”

Not bad I say :slight_smile:


Many of his videos have tens of thousands views. So we should see our community grow )) Accidentally, I just created the same topic about this video ))


Yes, he shared his good impressions on its channel. It’s worth watching the video. I like the clarity of his explanations, I feel like he really described the added value of Smartcash.