Smartcash Masternode


Am i understood right that i need Windows PC with wallet with 10k coins AND linux VPS to make this work ?



Btw, good guide.


Does anyone know if the Windows 10 system has to be a highly-available VPS as shown in the Setup Guide?

What happens if the Windows system with the wallet is offline?


The system with the wallet (Windows machine) doesn’t have to be online all the time. It just has to be online when the masternode is started, then it can be even turned off.
The VPS machine with Linux and masternode software has to run 24/7.


Ok. That part isn’t so clear. It looks like its just to ACTIVATE the smartcashd service on the ubuntu vps. But its not obvious.


Does anybody know how much is the actual SmartCash masternode reward? Couldn’t find any actual figures how much this would be in addition to the smartrewards.


If you run a smartnode please leave a comment on the video.