SmartCash Node.js Library


Who am I?
Full-stack Web Developer turned Blockchain Engineer. I recently came across SmartCash and specifically the concept of the SmartHive governance etc. I was surprised to see very few technical proposals and would love to start contributing to the community.

What will I do?
I hope to build out a useful, versatile ES6 Node.js library to easily interface with the SMART RPC (remote procedure call) protocol. This will allow other developers to seamlessly integrate SmartCash into their projects. By doing this, I hope to rapidly expand the number of SmartCash intergrations in applications for the communities benefit.
The library will be opensource and licenced under LGPL-3.0
I will continue to maintain the library for as long as I can assuming that there are no major updates needed.

Timeframe & Budget:
The milestones have been structured so as to allow me to build focussed on this task without having to prioritize my other work. The dates are of little significance and I could well be finished before them. In fact, as soon as I see the initial interest of the voting, I can begin work without waiting for the deadline.

Basic Implementation – 500USD (delivered < 2 weeks)
Complete Implementation – 1000USD (delivered < 4 weeks)
Tests + Maintenance – 300USD (foreseeable future)

I hope you support this project as we try grow our community! Thanks



This would be useful, yes. Also implementing SmartCash into other systems would be good.

Some related projects to SmartCash include:

It’s based on Bitcoin RPC so it’s pretty compatible.

You can also track GitHub commits here:

On Discord there is a #technical-discussion channel as well.


You’re right, I’m just low on coffee and mistook this for your PM :slight_smile:

Just never saw a budget included in the proposal… suggest you do that before you post it for voting. That’s all I mean to do next.


Welcome and sounds like a good idea mate


Would be very useful. I will vote for it.


Hey, awesome to see some more technical projects being submitted - this does seem cheap though? will it give you enough money to build and maintain the library?


Do you have any projects similar to this you can share so we can take a look at your work?


Hi seanbrodie,

The rcp original code is from bitcoin, even if it changed a bit I didn’t see any changes in the exposed methods.
What would your library bring more than any other from bitcoin already working with smartcash (eg: node-bitcoin-rpc) ?

Bad answers would be :

  • “It’s just a fork, changing the default port” :rofl:
  • “To prevent the usage of http query” :confounded:

I hope you have a better technical description for your proposal!


I can’t wait for this proposal to be completed. I pm’d you on discord. Anticipating your reply. Thanks. Have a great day!