SmartCash on the National Week of Science and Tech in Mexico - 3000 students adoption


The National Science and Technology Week (SNCyT) is a forum through which millions of children and young Mexicans know the possibilities offered by the areas of science in the fields of productive activity, scientific research and teaching.

This event is presented every year all around Mexico but this proposal will be placed in the state of Tabasco wich include 8 cities for the National Week, (Villahermosa capital, Comalcalco, Huimanguillo, Jalpa, Centla, Macuspana, Teapa y Balancán).


Summary of the 2016 year event (Video)

SmartCash needs to be part of this event because we will impact students and teachers, in what blockchain technology is, what benefits it has for training students for the potential offered by technology, being at the vanguard of universities around the world and convincing them of that the adoption of technology through projects like SmartCash is a giant step towards a not too distant future.

¿Who am I?

Hi, my name is Gustavo Vargas, I live in Mexico, my background is on Industrial Engineer with a Master Degree on Business Administration and a passionate for blockchain and cryptos.

I am member of the network of graduates of the Technological Institutes (important fact), which has more than 260 universities throughout the country, this gives me the opportunity to access the events that take place throughout the year at the Universities.

I have been working this year on several meetings, events and conferences promoting Blockchain and Smartcash to encourage the use of technology and currency for the community to grow it in Mexico.


Develop a communication strategy and adoption activities about SmartCash and Blockchain technology taking advantage of the National Week of Science and Technology impacting 3000 students and teachers in 10 university and tech centers across the southeastern part of Mexico and generate a good impress of the project to reach all the Universities in a future.



What’s the plan?

We will visit each university during the 5 days of the National Week of Science and Technology. Give out conferences two days (2 conferences to 150 each one, 300 students reached per University) and the rest of the days SmartCash will be promoted by handing out important information (Flyers and talk Face two Face). We will interact with the students trying to involve them with the technology as much as we can.

Our objective will be to invite a minimum of 30 students and kickstart a SmartCash community in each University and bring all the ideas that they have to the network as well start using SmartCash inside the University paying in the cafeteria, rent of equipment or in any idea that they have about it.

As well as invite 100 devs to be part of workshops to 25 people each one, where they will be taught to set up Smartnodes and use blockchain technology, in a later event. With this effort we will evangelize 400 students, creating an important community of SmartCash users plus the one that already exists.

Conference Agenda

1.- Blockchain Introduction

  • What Blockchain is?

  • What Cryptos are and how it works?

2.- What is SmartCash?

  • What is the objective?

  • Who is it for?

  • Main Features
    Instant Pay

  • Ecosystems

    Smart Business.

  • Success Stories

3.- RoadMap

4.- Wallet

  • How to download the wallet and how it works?

  • Where and how we can buy Smartcash?

5.- Social Media

6.- SmartCash Brainstorming

  • How they would launch SmartCash adoption

7.- Q&A

Alliance Members of The National Week of Science and Technology

  • The National Science Foundation of the United States (NSF)
  • The Ministry of Industry of Canada
  • National Council of Science and Technology (Conacyt) of Mexico
  • National Commission of Scientific Technological Research (Conicyt) of Chile


Hello @Gustavo795
My comments

  1. I would be good to place in the fist sentence which cities are covered in Mexico with this proposal.
  2. Define better what are those Adoption Strategies, how many will assist in average?
  3. In the Airdrop you have a mistake $1 USD per strudent x 100 =$100 USD
    The main idea for the airdrops is to generate interest on the new people, $1 USD per person is low, I suggest you increase it to $4USD per student but reduce it to 250 students, the really ones interested and the ones that join our community, otherwise sometimes is a waste. Remember that if it is approved you need to take a picture of every person receiving the smarts.
  4. Is that people (staff) from the crypto community?
  5. Do you have a link for the 2018 National Week event?


Hi good afternoon, first of all I really appreciate you have a time to check my prepoposal, thanks, let me check and I’ll fix the mistakes and I gonna add the information. I have a question for you about the airdrop, with your experience how do you handle the fact that you have let’s say 100 people but you can giveaway only to 25 for example. Thanks again


Well then you can decide how much to how many, my comment is just related to give smarts only to the ones more interested, many times people do not care any more about the coins and they never use it.


That’s true, ok maybe we can use it like rewards for people that make questions or something like that, what do you think?


It is up to you, but yea it seems better.


Hi, I already fixed all the comments, I hope you can check it. About the point number four, we are a group of guys that we like all about Blockchain and alt-coins, we are trying to build a community and we believe the adoption is the first step to grow up all the technology. I think Smartcash is a great project to reach this and that´s why we want to bring this to the Universities. Thank you again!!!


Amazing idea Gustavo you can count with me and two guys to help you and assist you in anything you want whit the event, this saturday you can go to crowne plaza if you are in Tabasco, hope to meet you there



Thank you so much, we will be there for sure and of course I accept your help guys, we need work together, I doesn’t make sense work separate, for sure we will join you guys, I hope your community can support our proposal, cheers!!!


Hello Gustavo, I like your proposal, observed that there are two stands, and there are days where lectures will be held in more than two universities, so I think it would be convenient to have otronstands to cover all the conferences per day, and suddenly 500 flannels are many , you should place less to give to the most interested and the difference in money you can use for the other stand, because if you give flannels to many people in this way they will receive it but they will not give it the expected use, at least from my perspective , wait for other comments to see what they think, much success in this brother event!


I really appreciate your comments my friend, you are right about the stands. We are using 8 banners to cover the other universities because banners are cheaper and you can use it for different things, are portable, but what we could do is use 5 stands and 5 banners and reduce the number of t-shirt, you and @TheWalk_er have the same idea about that we have to give something just to that people that really show interest in the project and that’s important to me. Thanks