SmartCash Point Of Sales


What websites are known to accept SmartCash at Point Of sales?

Please add a list @hoangton


you can check this


This leafs to my next question. Where can I get a smart band?


maybe you can contact smartcash dev @leoreinaux on his twitter.
I think he made his own special code for a band called atar band.
if anyone or the dev himself can tell more about it I would love to know.
especially what exchanging service it uses and/or how it all works!


Hey cool! Tell you this; the website I went to is foreign language. I wonder if the band could work worldwide.

What do you think?

PM me please I’d like to talk over something. Thank you


it works everywhere where credit cards are accepted.
(to my knowledge)


SmartBand is only in Brazil now. We are working on expanding to other areas.