SmartCash potencial to be #1 crypto in Venezuela... "outreach"


Guys we need to start the adoption agenda in venezuela dash claims to be the number 3 country in the wold using cryptos and downloading wallets apps… i think we should either do a Crypto conference or sponsor major baseball games atheltes and so on to gain more attention what does the community thinks ?? What suggestion community has ?
Could we do a center to teach people about smartcash something like BCH did in china taking over 3 thousend people daily ?
We should do something now and fast !!
The time is now i think that a massive campaign with street signs will ignite mass adoption
I think we should concentrate our efforts towards big goal 1 country at the time seems like venezuela to be the one


it’s time to show that what we say is totally true, the fiat money is not reliable that the best solution to these problems is the adoption of cryptocurrencies and what better than SmartCash that is focused on the payments easier to use .


Venezuela is a golden opportunity for any crypto to grow, it has the best scenario for the currencies to be adopted, no ones believe in the Bolivar fuerte or Soberano nor the Petro…
Dash Venezuela is doing a great job, I think that the SmartCash people in Venezuela could do the same.

The recipe is plenty of MeetUp or Conferences and a bunch of merchants accepting SmartCash.


I think baseball sponsorship would be better! since here in Venezuela baseball is like a religion hahaha that would get many people to know smartcash quickly


It’s time to a frontal attack @Smartcash.canarias.

We have the experience and knowledge to do the task, we just need the support of the community to make Venezuela the first country in the world in terms of adoption of cryptocurrencies.
Soon we will be assembling our proposals to continue promoting SmartCash in our country.



Hola todos!
Yeah Venezuela, land smartcash, the progress of the communities is noticing every time we are going in more growth we are already in different zones of the country working and strengthening our community, helping people to understand the idea and the use of SmartCash, also helping to create wallet and taking the adoption, smartcash is moving in Venezuela and every time we are more. Latin countries are giving very good results, the use of crypto is seeing much movement due to the non-stable economies that each country presents and in this case Venezuela to get out a bit of hyperinflation.


Gracias por tu comentario !! Es cierto es casi una religion !! Hehe pura vida


Thanks for your post Mark !!


Hi guys, I like the idea. but I think to fill a city with brochures and advertisements, you need government permits. If you document well how you would do it, it would be fabulous and I would support your proposal


aloha que tal ! no tenemos nungun plan aun pero nos gustaria escuchar ideas de la comunidad !


The spectators go to a baseball game to drink beers and watch the game not to look what brand or company is supporting the players.
Maybe, if you could find the way to buy the tickets or the drinks with a discount using SmartCash…


that could be a good idea right there !! we are looking for ideas !! we suggested a example so see reaction !! thanks pura vida


Let’s do this all over Costa Rica as well!