SmartCash present at COCMUN2018 "innovation and technology for the new global governance"



Smart Cash Community! With this proposal we will increase the presence of Smart Cash in Venezuela in a work @SMARTCASHLARA, through a representation of smartCash as a premium sponsor in the event “COCMUN 2018:” Innovation and Technology for the new global governance "to be carried out in the city of Barquisimeto-Venezuela.

The objective of this proposal is to introduce SmartCash to approximately 550 people, increase the number of new portfolios downloaded, the number of people familiar with SmartCash and the number of merchants who accept SmartCash as a means of payment.

This event is a meeting place for entrepreneurs, students, academics and social leaders where @smartcashlara will be able to promote our community in all the programmed activities in COCMUN 2018.


What is the event about?

COCMUN 2018 will be this year from September 19 to 22 in the city of Barquisimeto-Venezuela, this event are organized by the non-profit organization COCMUN Venezuela, it is one of the most prestigious meetings in Venezuela that brings together the Chamber Federations trade and industries of the region, representatives of 12 universities in the country, more than 25 StartUp and a dozen social organizations.

mong the activities program of the event is a cycle of 9 conferences on disruptive technologies and cryptocurrencies, a fair of social and business ventures, a round of business where the @SmartCashlara team will expanded its presence in each of these activities to position the SmartCash brand.

During its execution, the event has a broad coverage of traditional and alternative media of comunication, allowing the attendance of 550 people directly, more observers and the public that follow the event through the media.

You can learn more about the event through theirs accounts: , and

How to grow the SmartCash community?

We hope that with this proposal @Smartcashlara will be present with a stand inside the event of COCMUN 2018, during the 4 days of it, sharing with the assistants in general, talking about the benefits of smartcash, helping people to download the wallet de smartcash, delivering advertising material, networking with business sectors for the use of smartcash as a means of payment and secure investment.
In addition, we will have a presentation of @SmartCashLara that will have 25 minutes during the congress for the first day of the event of COCMUN 2018, our cryptocurrency will be promote and forum attendees will be able to follow step by step the downloading of their wallet.
In this same order of ideas, this presentation will be of great help to launch and promote the SmartUniversity project to the public, a virtual platform of the SmartCash family for the financial education with accreditation from Venezuelan universities, whose implementation It is estimated for January 2019.

How does being present at COCMUN2018 contribute to our SmartCash community?

As participants in COCMUN 2018 SmartCash has the right to:

• Conduct a 25-minute SmartCash conference in front of the 550 people attending the event.
• Placement of a Stand Type A, of 2.40X2.40X2.20 meters that includes: awning, table with tablecloths and 5 chairs, stood in the background, bookshelf, power outlet, projector with screen and drinking water. Placed in the Premium zone of the fair of business ventures.
• Mentions in the general publicity of the event in the different 2.0 networks.
• Advertising spots in the development of the event.
• Mentions on the two local television channels that cover the event.
• Distribution of material P.O.P.
• Full access to entrepreneurship and the business round, which includes the lobby, lunch with entrepreneurs and representatives of StartUp, with what is intended to socialize to promote the use of SmartCash in their stores

In counterpart for the spaces given to SmartCash, a SmartCash collaboration will carried out for the realization of the event that consists in granting the attendees:

• 100 smartcash folders for the assistants of the university sector to the debate rooms. Considering that there are 200 participants in the discussion rooms, SmartCash would be promoting 50% of the required folders.
• 5 shirts and 5 smartcash caps for COCMUN2018 executives, it was agreed with COCMUN Venezuela’s board of directors that offers SmartCash sponsorship to the event, the media tours and public presentations beforehand and during the event the organizers will wear the SmartCash shirts .
• The rental of the stand must be made to the organizers of the event.

Now surely you will ask: who is making this proposal? …*

My name is Wilmer Canelón I am an economics student and I am deeply passionate about Blockchain technology for its great benefits. For about 3 years, I organized academic events, and since February 2018 I started to give some workshops on this technology and cryptocurrencies in the universities of the central-western region of Venezuela
I met SmartCash in May of 2018 and then with a group of colleagues from the university, we were delighted with the project and vision of the SmartCash community, for the potential to consolidate itself not only as a cryptocurrency, but as a tool for transformation socioeconomic regional and global in the coming years.
For this reason, we created and did our first MeetUp at the Faculty of Economics of the Centroccidental University Lisandro Alvarado of Venezuela. Among the 4 founding members we bought t-shirts and printed some posters, we were very excited because the owner of the cafeteria of the university went to the activity (who had no idea of the benefits of our crypto) began to accept SmartCash as a means of payment.

One month later we will hold our 2nd Meetup with the summer students in the Administration and Accounting Faculty of UCLA Venezuela, having an excellent receptivity of the students, all created their wallet and were given smartCash so that they could try the transactions with the cryptocurrencies It was a genius experience!
An important web portal reviewed the activity.

We have achieved an alliance with the financial consultancy Bitcorp with presence in Venezuela, Spain, the Dominican Republic and the United States to promote SmartCash among its customers / who will also attend COCMUN2018.
We believe faithfully in the need to promote this cryptocurrency in Venezuela and the World, we are convinced that by participating in COCMUN2018 we will have an important impact in the region in which we would like to continue working in the expansion of the SmartCash community .

This 4-day event is divided as follows:
September 19th, 2018.Wednesday: Blockchain Congress “Disruptive Ideas”. With an estimated participation of approximately 550 people. It will be held at the Juares Theater of Barquisimeto, which has a maximum capacity of 705 people. There will be 9 presentations on the following topics:
 Emerging Digital Markets.
 The Blockchain revolution.
 General aspects of cryptocurrencies.
 SmartCash, a financial instrument and the new Global Governance.
 Innovation and entrepreneurship.
 Disruptive technologies in international organizations.
 Socio-cultural and educational approach of Fintech.
September 20, 2018. Thursday: Debate rooms for students. Through 7 discussion rooms, about 200 young people of 20 educational institutions from different parts of Venezuela will simulate the world leaders in the political and business sector, raising prospects about the challenges and opportunities that technological innovation and SmartCash provide us in a globalized world, with the ultimate goal of visualize SmartCash as an effective, reliable and sustainable alternative in the different proposed contexts.
September 21, 2018. Friday: Entrepreneurship Fair and SmartCash Business Round. With more than 25 StartUps, a dozen of Non-Governmental Organizations, and the two main Commerce and Industry Chambers Federations of the region, all of them will be able to experience the SmartCash benefits while exposing their initiatives, generating a feedback that will nourish the business exchanges in a win-win relationship.
September 22, 2018. Saturday: SmartCash Interactive Public Policies Forum. For the closing of the event a forum will be held in order to provide general feedback on everything contributed during the previous days. In addition, through a strong activity in social networks, participants will be able to interact on their experiences, and special guests in a round panel will talk about the use of SmartCash and blockchain technology within public policies.

The required budget is $ 990 destined to the following:

  • stand: 1 stand of 2.40 * 2.40 * 2.20 meters, with stopped in the background, a table with tablecloth, 5 chairs, power socket, and shelf. Daily rental 50$ for 4 days= $200

  • Coins de Smartcash: smartcash to give the first users who approach and download the wallet with our advice, and can make small demonstration transactions during the event= $ 80.

  • Pubicity 2.0 promotion on social networks such as instagram, twitter, facebook, and other websites related to the themes so that the impact of smartcash in the event reaches a greater number of people= $ 100

  • Banner printing of two banners of 1.50 * 90 meters, 30$ each= $ 60

  • 500 advertising smartcash advertising flyers for general attendees= $50

  • 10 t-Shirts smartcash t-shirts for the 5 smartcash volunteers and 5 for the organizers of the event. $ 15 each = $150

  • 10 gorras smartcash caps for the 5 smartcash volunteers and 5 for the organizers of the event. $ 10 each = $100

  • 100 Folders smartcash folders for students participating in the discussion rooms, as part of Smartcash ponsorship of the event. $ 1,5 each= $ 150

  • Administrative services= $ 100

TOTAL = $ 990

With this proposal, the doors of the community are open to a region with an important rate of commercialization of goods and services, due to the fact that it is a node of terrestrial communications at the national level; besides an important and active academic sector, which is the engine of any innovation.
By supporting this proposal, it will guarantee an incursion into a new market for smartcash; and for us the satisfaction of being part of this experience, where innovation, technology is the spirit of the event for the construction of a new global governance.
Some flyers in the networks adapted to the participation of Smartcash in COCMUN2018

some flyers in the networks adapted to the participation of Smartcash in COCMUN2018:


I am absolutely sure that this event will greatly benefit our community. It is the best opportunity to make entrepreneurs and merchants adopt smartcash as a form of payment. In addition, media coverage will promote smartcash not only in the state but throughout the country! We hope it will be approved and that we all collaborate with feedback! Very successful partner.


Lets rock smarties, the evolution is in process!

Primer MeetUp de SmartCash Lecheria, Venezuela

Excelente muchachos me parece muy buena idea de que SmartCash este presente en esas ferias de emprendimiento estos tipos de eventos son muy visitados


Hola! @smartcashlara

I have seen all the rapid growth they have in the community, I think it is excellent all the initiative they have taken, I am happy to have participated with you in your second meetup, I like that we support each other and together we promote the growth of SmartCash Venezuela.
I have read about that event that has been happening and I would say that smartcash fits perfectly on that day, I think the participation and good proposal is very good. I know we can count the growth in the country. with smartcash we will achieve many things. I await your proposal to provide my positive vote.

Suerte en la propuesta. saludos!!!