Smartcash reward points question


I finally got Crytopia to transfer to my wallet, but I have a question.
I transferred it to the smartcash paper wallet do I get the smartcash reward point still? how do I get them I have had my coins for a month or two so far, just curious


These coins were on Cryptopia or on a paper-wallet?
To receive SmartRewards, they must be on the wallet for a month.


ok so as long as I have them on the paper wallet I get the rewards right? but not on the exchange I had them on crytopia, right? What are the rewards each month exactly?


If your address has a minimum of 1000 SMART and you do not make outgoing transactions, you will receive SmartRewards regardless of the your wallet type.
For the coins that you keep on the exchange, SmartRewards will not be accrued.
The percentage SmartRewards this month you can check here
In addition, you can find out if the address will receive SmartRewards this month.