Smartcash roadshow, ghana west africa


Hi community, I am Mohammed Awal Sani from Ghana West Africa known as cryptowall on Smartcash slack forum. I am submitting my first proposal to embark on a Smartcash road show in my country Ghana. Ghana is a relatively large country in West Africa with 10 regions and each region to a capital city.

I have since 2016 supported cryptotraveler in advocating crypto currency through meet ups and conferences under the umbrella of our free markets and liberty think tank: Centre for Liberty and Entrepreneurship - We Have held several meet ups in Ghana including a three days liberty and entrepreneurship camp 2017 under the theme: Entrepreneurship, Growth and Competitiveness; the Block chain to The Rescue’ which featured crypto currency throughout I am embarking on a road show in Ghana to propagate Smartcash to the entire nation.
Young men and women will be recruited and trained on Smartcash to stand on roads for Smartcash evangelism in each region as part of the road show.

The Smartcash road shows will see two meet ups, two radio discussions and one Television discussion in each of the 10 regions of Ghana. Each of these meet ups are expected to record not less than 40 participants each and Smartcash tokens will be given to newbie’s and their addresses submitted to the community. The radio and TV discussions will feature call inn sessions for questions and answers and Smartcash tokens given to listeners who call to ask questions and or contribute. The radio discussions will be heard by about 20,000 people every week and about 50,000 viewers to the TV discussions.

This road show when successfully carried out will make Smartcash one of the popular crypto currencies in Ghana and Africa and hence will increase the rate of adoption by a bigger margin.

I am asking for 65893.7SMART every month with an average price of $0.1035/SMART for the next three months to cover three regions then I will roll inn for another cycle in other to cover the entire country with SMARTCASH TALK within the next 12 months.


o Transport to and within Northern region for one month $700.00
o Accommodation and feeding for a month in a region $1875.00
o SMARTCASH T-shirts for participants in two meet ups in a region $900.00
o Conference room for two meet ups in a region $300.00
o Refreshment of participants in two meet ups in a region $750.00
o Two SMARTCASH radio discussion for 1hour each $400.00
o One TV discussion in a region $500.00
o Background SMARTCASH drop down banner $150.00
o SMARTCASH stickers and fliers $150.00
o Camera for pictures and videos $500.00
o Tokens for participants a month $300.00
o Contingency $150.00
o TOTAL $6675.00


You have my vote looks like a good project !


these are the projects I like to see, small grassroots style. sounds like a good and efficient way to spread the word of SmartCash in your local region.


No way, i vote NO. there is nothing special here, the project is worse than banner at facebook, google ads.

we don’t need this kind of spending.


thank you for your feedback but i would have love you to outline or suggest alternative plans to get smartcash to the people of Ghana and Africa as a whole. you suggestions are always welcome and appreciated. thank you


thank you for your feedback and i have seen great potentials in smartcash and have planned this to spread smartcash across Ghana and you will not regret voting yes for this project. thank you


thank you Somnium for throwing your support we appreciate that and will work hard to make the community proud if this project is voted for. i appreciate your feedback


This kind of proposal crashes the smartcash, why Ghana? why no Germany? why only spending not earning? for example: for each transaction of a Ghana online shop accepting smartcash we will credit them 10%…


Then propose something for Germany, this guy lives in Ghana. It’s a good decent proposal, inexpensive and spreads the value of SmartCash where no other crytos would go.


Sorry, im thinking like thinkfar, cant see the benefits of that proposal. Looks like more a humanitarian project than a project for expand Smartcash. It is worthy to spend so much money and energy for that specific country ?
I saw nice actions in Venezuela (country who is in the news ) and even in Africa before with cryptotraveler (but larger parts of the continent ), . But are humatarian projects the only purpose of SMartCash ? Africa is a nice continent with full of perspectives, but should we focus on it ?
What are the really benefits for the community for all this ? I cant see them. Its a lot of money, and for months. And we can also saying that its tremendous amount of money in comparison of average wages in this country.
And if we talk only about money why paying for get on the radio or tv ?
Why not begin slowly with minimum expanses and grow if there’s benefits or results ?
Its too ambitious for me. Better start smaller and grow. Here’s looks like a project for an established company .
And maybe focus on a specific category of people.maybe students, economic circles, medias, bloggers, rather than everybody. Because it will not be understood by all the population. Better start smaller here again. Start with a little circle of convinced people, a hive, who expand itself.
Im sorry, ill vote no if the project doesnt evolve in more raisonnable level. Sorry for my english, (excuse my french^^) would like to say that i m sorry for beign the negative opinion here. Dont take it personnaly, im just saying what i think. Peace.


@thinkfar I see where you two (and probably others here) are coming from. If I understand correctly, you are looking to make SMART be a more engaged part of the project. We should find to put it into circulation. What if we could introduce SMART to a market that has trouble accessing the usual centralized financial services. It could be used as a more convenient way for that market to operate. That would be better right since it would allow SMART to actually be used as a substitute currency. Would that sort of thing work better in your opinions?


@Neomigwel I think smartcash is not made for a particular group or few privileged people. Ghana has a population of about 26m and this group also deserve the benefit smartcash brought and that is why it is decentralised so irrespective of your location you can be a holder trade and use smartcash and the interest for crypto currency is increasing each day in Ghana. Ghana is one of the countries that is fast adopting crypto currencies and the people can not know smartcash if we do not educate them on what smartcash is and its bright future. I always ask myself the percentage of the over 7b world population that know about crypto curren currency and even bitcoin been the first and popular coin is known by few people about 1 percent of the world population so we need to do massive advocacy for smartcash to float in the continent. we have. what the community should focus on should be value for money and that is what this project seeks to maximise . i took part in two smartcash meet ups organised by cryptotravell in Ghana and the north precisely it was awesome and people have since been calling for more education and engagement because they need to know it more before putting their monies in and that is why i have chose the northern part as the first regions to carry out this. So i think smartcash has no central focus so far as adoption and usage is concerned so lets rather bring suggestions and views that will make smartcash the number on alternative to the Ghana currency which loses its value to the doller each day. thanks for your comment and your suggestions to inprove smartcash adoption is welcome,


@thinkfar i think smartcash is not created for a particular region unless someone think otherwise so is good to do something for German but am sorry i an not in Germany i am in Ghana and that is why i chose Ghana so someone in Germany and any part of the globe can propose to do something there to promote smartcash and i think that should be the focus. they are challenges in payments system in Africa and i am sure if Smartcash is well marketed can solve this problem. thank you for your responds and your suggestions are welcome.


Not really a matter of “privilegied people” or not. Everybody deserves SmartCash, that’s was not my point. But the way you expand SmartCash. I cannot see the benefit of engage so much money on hotels, meals, paying for tv and radio (?). If the goals is having a bunch of people wearing SmartCash t shirts and having a meal i m sorry for me theres no concrete returns.
I m my own business and we should doing the same way with SmartCash. Like if it was our own business. When you have your business you consider every spending, and you try to reduce the costs. Start small and growing slowly. Every business you analyze the investment and the returns, and first of all you dont engage money on nothing. If there was a growing community of enthousiatic smartcash users in your country maybe it will be a good idea. But i think a team of people who are preparing the ground for mass adoption is better than a flashy roadmovie. Im just saying you are seeing too big for the first time.
Like cryptotravels, and i m pretty sure it should be an amazing experience, but the only question is : what are the benefits for the project and the comunity .
Why not starting with small things in order to create a cohesive group, like evangelists and after make step by step.
Id like to expand SmartCash in my country , France, and i started open a facebook page in order to grow. And after maybe if we re some people we engage the translation and after cells in every city etc etc. Its my point of view, good luck for your project. Wish you the best


@Neomigwel i got your point but the goal of this project is to expand the community in Ghana so the question is how do you achieve that? that is what i have outlined in the proposal. how do you accept something if you have never seen it or heard about it? then how do we get people know about smartcash? that certainly should start by they hearing the name and seeing it through the meetups printed materials radio and tv discussions. the meetups targets limited group because of cost but radio and tv is a mass communication channel that can sell smartcash to millions of the Ghanaian people. your comments are appreciated.


I to like the idea of the tv and radio rather than targeted conferences. its more feasible and economical use of funds. there is no need for room and board, nor need for food etc.


The idea is great. Teaching smart cash would help improve the value of our coin. You have my vote


Your comment added no value to this proposal or the proposal section. I’m not too sure what particular proposals you have in mind but what was mentioned above, if executed properly, can reach a large audience. It would be better if you could bring forth an argument or suggest improvements or point out flaws etc.

Your mind is based solely on merchant adoption and you forget completely that without users adoption of SmartCash to purchase from Merchants, there is no need for Merchants to add SmartCash as a pzylent method. Have you gone to a store in your country and be asked to pay in Dinar when you are in no way using it or do not even have any idea what is or even the benefits of using it? Now take for example 1 to 3 people know about Dinar compared to the other lets say 99% of the population, how is that viable for the Merchant?

If you want widespread adoption of SmartCash, you will need to be open to other beneficial proposals and not shut it down without even considering the benefits.