Smartcash roadshow, merchant integration and business adoption



This proposal is an extension of my current smartcash roadshow project currently in its third month in the northern part of Ghana with an addition of merchant and business integration. The roadshow has been successful in the two regions with participants mainly worried about how to get smartcash and where to spend it and this has necessitated incorporating businesses and merchant adoption into the roadshow activities. The roadshow will continue from the southern part of Ghana which is also the business hub starting from Accra in the coming months. Each region will still see two meet ups/conferences, two radio discussion and a TV discussion with a minimum of 40 participants per meet up and business presentations to bring businesses and merchants onboard and to equip participants with the knowledge of what smartcash is, how to get started, how to trade in smartcash using exchanges and other online portal and the benefits of holding smartcash for longer period.


Hello smartcash family! My name Mohammed Awal Sani known as Cryptowall on the smartcash discord page, from Ghana West Africa. I am submitting this proposal as my smartcash roadshow extension and to embark on extra activities on businesses and merchant adoption. The first phase of the smartcash roadshow in Ghana has been successfully done covering upper east, northern region and upper west region which constitute the northern part of Ghana. Videos and pictures of the first phase can be found here on my YouTube channel @cryptowall55, and @cryptowall55 on twitter.
I have since 2016 supported cryptotraveler in advocating cryptocurrency through meet ups and conferences under the umbrella of our free markets and liberty think tank: Center for Liberty and Entrepreneurship - This project will be one of the best project for smartcash in Ghana and Africa.
The second phase of Smartcash will be geared towards the southern part of Ghana. The roadshow will go beyond meet ups, radio discussions and Television discussion but will also see business and merchants approach to get merchants and businesses to accept smartcash and make it an alternative medium of exchange to the Ghanaian cedis. Each of these meet ups are expected to record not less than 40 participants each and Smartcash tokens will be given to newbie’s and their addresses submitted to the community. The radio and TV discussions will feature call inn sessions for questions and answers and Smartcash tokens given to listeners who call to ask questions and or contribute. The radio discussions will be heard by about 20,000 people every week and 1000,000 viewers to the TV discussions. At least 10 businesses and merchants will accept smartcash in the shot to medium term. The success of the roadshow in the northern part of Ghana so far has made smartcash one of the popular digital currencies in Ghana and the current extension aims at making smartcash the first cryptocurrency to have physical store front and kiosks where smartcash holders can exchange their fiat for smart and smart for fiat in Africa.

The aim of this proposal is to extend the current smartcash roadshow and to also introduce merchants and business integration to smartcash in another three regions of Ghana in the next three months with the aim of using existing MOBILE MONEY/MPESA agents to incoporate smartcash into their operations.

This cycle of the project will start from march and end in May. This will start in the national capital (Greater Accra region) to the Ashanti region and end in the Brong Ahafo region with each region getting at least five mobile money agents recruited and trained to exchange smartcash for fiat and fiat for smartcash meetings will be held with at least two business to push the agenda to get some businesses start accepting smartcash as a medium of payment for goods and services.

I am asking for 49000SMART every month with an average price of $0.3/SMART for the next three months to cover three region, Greater Accra, Ashanti and Brong Ahafo region then I will roll inn for another cycle in other to cover the entire country with the smartcash roadshow and business adoption campaign.


Transportation to and within each region for one month $3000.00
Accommodation for 8days a month for 5 people $4000.00
Feeding for team $2000.00
Smartcash T-shirts for participants in a region $1200.00
Conference room for two meet ups in a region $1200.00
Refreshment for participants in a region $1920.00
Two smartcash radio discussion $1000.00
One TV discussion in a region $1500.00
Background smartcash drop down banner $150.00
Smartcash stickers and fliers $150.00
Cost of photograph services $500.00
Tokens for participants a month $300.00
Token for team and volunteers $2000.00
SUB-TOTAL $18920
Contingency (5%of 18920) $946.00


Amount(US$) 19866


Each month of the proposal cycle, March, April, and May will see two meet ups, two radio interview, a TV interview, one on one MOBILE MONEY/MPESA agents meeting by team, business meetings for presentation and training of recruited agents and businesses and branding of agents points and businesses


proof of work will be shown through pictures and video coverage of each activity through out the proposal cycle and links shared with the community to evaluate the progress of the project.

Also there will media campaign and market through out the cycle with major emphasis on social media such as facebook, twitter and youTube. radio stations will be used to market businesses and merchants.


I like the idea of expanding the roadshow with business presentations and merchants.

Using existing MOBILE MONEY / MPESA agents is great, especially with the webwallet or android wallet.

As part of the proposal I would like to see more on the media coverage and marketing as well. Will there be media coverage of any of these? Can you get written about? Will you share more photos and videos?

With monthly milestones this would be a better proposal.



thank you for your comment!
there will be media coverage and marketing and also a vigorous social media campaign and marketing through out the proposal cycle.articles will be written and published on multiple blogs and social media

each month of the project cycle will cover four districts in each region to expand the frontiers of smartcash and avoiod concentration on the urban areas


You are asking for a ridiculous amount of money. I don’t know what the prices are like in Ghana, but your transportation and accommodation budget would be too high even for the US. You can easily cut the price of this in half, and it would probably still be too much. The goal is not to live it large while promoting smartcash, it’s to get the job done efficiently. I’m voting NO.


Indeed the budget for the purpose looks way beyond efficient money allocation.

Is the SmartCash voting system right?

Hey, you’ve got the funding in the beginning of March.

The total amount requested is 59598 USD.

What is the progress? According to your milestones, you’ve done 2 TV interviews, 4 radio interviews and some meetups, right? Will we see the detailed reports on events like in this project: