SmartCash series educational videos in spanish




Amount 1850 USD/Month in SMART EQUIVALENT
Timeline: 2 months Total 3700 USD in SMART EQUIVALENT

Proposal goal is to eliminate the barrier between English information and SPANISH-SPEAKER people in SmartCash community trough making educational videos and contests in SPANISH.

I have noticed that most of the SmartCash information is in English and there is only a few information in SPANISH. Some times the Spanish telegram chat gets overwhelmed by a lot of questions about technical details about SmartCash, REWARDS and more. So I decided to support my community by making videos and trying to answer all the questions that they have in our native language: SPANISH.

SmartCash is getting more popular in Latin-America due to the efforts of @thewalker @coachdigi @eiky @michsounza @oucan @ddiaz @cryptoskater @dimitarv @marilunabella4 and more people involved in this ecosystem, but the Spanish content about Smartcash is more scarce than English content. As an innovating cryptocurrency SmartCash is often adding new features and functionalities to its system and these characteristics must be translated and informed to SPANISH community “in a nutshell” audio-visual content.

Who Am I? What do I bring to the table & whats my goal here? What are your credentials? Why are you qualified for SmartHive funding?

My name is Daniel Brito (@cryptoflashing) I am from México but currently I live in Phoenix, AZ. I am a crypto enthusiast and a SmartCash Holder. I have been following the activities in SmartCash since January but I have been actively participating in the ecosystem since May on Telegram, Discord, Steemit, YouTube and SmartCash Forums.

I bring EDUCATION in short, informative and simple videos, my goal is to educate people about Blockchain and SmartCash in Spanish. I have been studying Blockchain for more than one year giving it more than 6 hours a day to understand the technology behind the cryptocurrencies, and I have been following SMARTCASH for many months and I really like it.

The goal of EDUCATIONAL SMART CONTEST IN SPANISH is to incentive people to get involved with SmartCash community, this will include: writing articles, making videos of Blockchain and SmartCash, art designing(images, photos, banners about blockchain and SmartCash) and share it to their social media: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Steemit, this way the participants will be learning at the same time sharing their experience on social media platform and involving their family and friends.

The reward of the contest will be 50 USD in Smart and there will be one contest each week of the month during the duration of this proposal. This way, the participant have the chance to earn money at the time he/she is learning and sharing that trough social media.

This is the content that I have created so far:


How to install Smartcash Wallet on MAC:

How to install SmartCash COINOMI Mobil wallet :

How to open an account on WEB Wallet SmartCash:

How to get Smart REWARDS:

How to send Smart from COINOMI to WEB WALLET of SmartCash:

How to vote on SmartCash proposals:

How to send SmartCash via e-mail:


20th May 2018:

24th May 2018:

27th May 2018:




1.-Share your story about SmartCash


Fundamental analysis of SmartCash:






Next Topics:

-How to vote with SmartCash Desktop Wallet.
-How to setup a SMARTNODE.
-How to use SmartBot for tipping other members on Steemit.


-SmartCash Roadmap 2018 and visit to SmartCash web site.
-SmartCash Band what is it? How can I get it? How to use it?
-SmartCash Card what is it? How can I get it? How to use it?
-Instant Pay what is it? How to use it?


3 June 2018 Most important NEWS from SmartCash community: Telegram, Discord, Reddit, Forums, Twitter, YouTube and so on.

10 June 2018 Most important NEWS from SmartCash community: Telegram, Discord, Reddit, Forums, Twitter, YouTube and so on.

17 June 2018 Most important NEWS from SmartCash community: Telegram, Discord, Reddit, Forums, Twitter, YouTube and so on.

24 June 2018 Most important NEWS from SmartCash community: Telegram, Discord, Reddit, Forums, Twitter, YouTube and so on.


-What´s the difference between cryptocurrency and Token?
-Bitcoin Confidential basics.
-Block Reward Split in Crypto: SmartCash, Dash, PIVX, deCRED.
-Descentralized Autonomous Organizations.
-Introducción to SmartCash mining: Pools available, GPU needed, approximate ROI.
-Differences between Proof-of-work and Proof-of-Stake

1.- Create an illustrative image where you explain “in a nutshell” how the SmartCash blockchain work. The illustration can be drawn by hand or in Adobe ilustrador, quality is required to participate.

2.-Write a post where you can explain how Miners, SmartNodes and SmartRewards work for SmartCash ecosystem. Orthography and diction matters! please take your time to write an amazing post.

3.- Explain the difference between cryptocurrency and token.Orthography and diction matters! please take your time to write an amazing post.

4.-Create an illustrative image where you explain how SmartCash ecosystem work. The illustration can be drawn by hand or in Adobe ilustrador, quality is required to participate.

5.-Can you explain the SmartCash RoadMap for 2018 in a post, image or video?

6.-Can you explain in a post, image or video the difference between PoW and PoS? Which one SmartCash uses?

7.-Can you explain in a post, image or video what is a cryptocurrency?

8.-Can you explain in a post, image or video what is a Autonomous Self-funded organization?

Deliverables / Job description of the proposal. Ideally it will be itemized. What are you doing? be specific. How much does it cost? Why?

I Daniel Brito (@cryptoflashing) commit to deliver 2 videos and design 1 educational contest each week.

1st video will be published during the week and can be about one of the main topics:
-Smart Class

2nd video will be released on weekend (Sunday) in that video I will talk about SmartCash NEWS or SmartCash Informative spot…

Educational Contest: There will be an educational contest every week it will incentivize people to participate, learn and earn money.

Budget explained here:

¿Why support this proposal?

With SmartCash getting more attention from Spanish-Speakers people I want that English isn’t a barrier for these people to understand the main goal of SmartCash: to be a useful criptocurrency for users and merchants.

I want to create fresh content to my community and engage more people to join. As a SmartCash holder and member of the Spanish community it has been a pleasure for me to help these people to understand SmartCash its potential and its strong community spirit, I want to continue my work and give it more of my time.

Comments and Feedback are welcome!!!


I love your @cryptoflashing videos, I like the tone of your voice and the patience you spend and time in explaining the most relaxed information, you create very good content and also inform people of the new things that the community and the coin. I clearly support you.


TKS @marilunabella4 for your kindly response!!


I think that @cryptoflashing has been doing an excellent job talking about smartcash in his previous videos, this is a proposal that should be supported.


Informacion muy clara y concisa, felicidades cryptoflashing


TKS @tete9050 for your support I really appreciate it!


TKS @DanitoBoy for your support I want to engage more people to join to the community and at the same time I want to educate them.


Nice job @cryptoflashing. I would like to continue watching both your SmartCash Tutorials and SmartCash News. Thanks for supporting our Hispanic community.


Excellent job, you have my vote!!


Great job!!! You have my vote on this. Keep up the good work.


Great that you made those videos, but just do this as a volunteer. you don’t need 1500$ a-month that is just selfish.


TKS! @duda_films for your support!


TKS! Coach digi!! let´s engage more people to join to the community!


TKS @crypto-fairy for your support!.

@OwnControl First of all TKS for your feedback! the reason what I am asking for 1500 is for the video production, I am trying to solve all the doubts that my community have in short and simple videos, it take many hours a week to make that videos, Meetups are being held in many part of South America and when people come to the Telegram Chat or Discord with questions I try to answer to this first by translating that questions Spanish-English and then English-Spanish, and then making a short video to explain this. Also I am going to make EDUCATIONAL CONTESTS to engage more people to join to the community, and as you can see all of these activities take a lot of my time.


Hi @OwnControl

I think @cryptoflashing is committed to our Hispanic community. He is aware of our doubts and helps us translating some technical topics into Spanish. I am a videographer and I know the time he spends for sharing with us one video (research, translation, script, video production, video editing, and so on). He has been working for us as a volunteer so far. That´s why I recognize his dedication for sharing that educative content with our Hispanic community. I think that everyone´s time has value. I don´t know why you called him selfish. He has spent a lot of time giving us support in Spanish.


@cryptoflashing I really like this and would absolutely vote yes!


I like the way you explain the SmartCash features. Nice quality of content and media.
The price is reasonable.
Keep doing this job and it is an easy yes.


Hello @OwnControl
With all respect. Creating this type of content takes a lot of time. Researching, testing, writing, recording, editing is a full-time job. That, if you want quality, updated, trustworthy information. I know this because I have done it myself.

@cryptoflashing has delivered a lot of work for free already and he is filling a gap in the community. So I don´t see why not support him.

I also think the price is very cheap compared to other similar projects in the space.


@fl0at1ng_p01nt @duda_films
My opinion is that you shouldn’t ask money for your own time.

@cryptoflashing it is great that you have already spent time on making content for the community. I have seen some video’s and tried to understand them with English translation and the concept seems great. but I would like to see some confirmation that the content get’s viewed enough that the money is worth spending compared to the consumption of the content before I would support this proposal.


@duda_films @lovethesmart @oucan @fl0at1ng_p01nt TKS for your support!! @OwnControl I agree with you that the videos that I have made have few views that´s because they are not a marketing campaign, they are targeting Spanish community in Telegram and Discord, I have been answering the doubts that many people(SmartCash meetup organizers) have in that channels and making videos for them, these videos are like SmartCash Spanish support, not everyone in latin-america understand English language and also they don’t have enough time to make an in-deep research about technical details about SmartCash. These videos will get more views as SmartCash grows in community in latin-america and also when I start the educational contest in Spanish. TKS for taking the time for giving me feedback I hope to count with your support.