SmartCash SmartNode Setup Guide v2.1 (MAC Version) Quick Setup


Controllinghand I appreciate your patience and help. I added txindex=1 to the smartcash.conf file and synced my wallet with the blockchain. When I went in to start my node by starting my alias I received this error. This is the transaction ID that has my 10,000 smartcash associated with it. What am I doing wrong? Thank you again.


please visit the discord group for help. I don’t think I can help you via this forum back and forth.

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When you get to step 7 in section 1 whereby it asks you to rename file and input txindex=1 do you have to delete everything else that appears first then put in txindex=1 or do you write it above or below?

When i deleted everything and put in just txindex=1 when i went to reopen the wallet it just keeps coming up with error unable to open txindex=1

Please advise


Make sure you updated smartcash.conf file not the smartnode.conf file. sometimes people mix these up. If this is not the case ping me on discord


I followed the Setup Guide but at Section 4 (point 10 - check status of the smartnode) but after typing “smartcash-cli getinfo” the following error occurs:

“error: incorrect rpcuser or rpcpassword (authorization failed)”

I already checked smartcash.conf. It´s available and both rpcuser and rpcpassword are filled.

Does someone know whats wrong here?

Thank you very much!