SmartCash SmartNode SetUp Guide


Dear SmartCash Community,

In preparation for the upcoming release of SmartCash 1.1.0 we are happy to release the SmartCash SmartNode Setup Guide v1.2
The guide is available in English, German and Russian.

Thank you for your patience and support!

The Hive-Team

Additional guide for Mac Users by @controllinghand

Serverside SetUp Guide using Vultr, bash installer and bootstrap by @BlockchainLibrary

Video-Tutorial: How to set up a SmartNode by @hannahlicious

SmartNode Setup Guide
WEB wallet & Smartnodes
Wallet SmartNode Setup issues on MacOSX (Section 1)
Setup new Smartnode using existing address
Super Node on Local server behind NAT

Awsome! However i’m a Mac user, how do I go about setting up my SmartNode?



Cool! But yeah I’m also wondering about the max version. I’m currently stuck with the tutorial for Windows. I tried but can’t seem to get it work on the Mac. It won’t recognize the conf file.

If you could help I would be very grateful!


You have to wait for the 1.1.0 version. Previous versions don’t recognize the conf file.


Ah! Ok thanks! I guess that will come on 11-1? Or?


great work. :+1:
Mirror is up on

Addon to SmartNode guide


So just for clarification, if I wanted to run 1 or 2 smartnodes using a VPS service like Digital Ocean, then I can do everything else directly from my MacBook or from a basic Windows Home version laptop? And I would not have to leave the laptop open or running all the time?


No. You only need to run the wallet while you are starting the nodes. Afterwards, only VPS machines need to be active.


Stuck at block 268478 section 8 step 6. anyone know why?


Using wallet version 1.1?


Yes, it was the server portion that was getting stuck not the windows wallet. I re-did everything and its working


Can anybody help me with section 1, step 19 when I input “smartnode outputs” Im not receiving a key that I can save, am I missing something.


you need to do a transaction of 10k to a wallet of yours. The transactionid of that transaction is used for the smartnode.


i stop in the sync process, so i use and try different connexion but nothing. so what anyone suggest me to do ?


Im doing it on a Mac and the smartcash folder doesnt appear on finder. Someone has a clue? Thank you


Press cmd + space bar and type ~/Library/Application Support/smartcash/
You should find it.


Thanks, it worked! Do I need to paste the .config file before the syncing, or it doesnt matter? Thanks


I would say before but I am not 100% sure.
I would suggest you to join us on Discord: plenty of people willing to help on it :wink:


I updated the Mac version here: SmartCash SmartNode Setup Guide v1.2 for Mac Users *Including smartnode checking and anti-ddos*

I updated this to include checking your smartnode to made sure it’s healthy and making it more robust from anti-ddos attacks.

Also, I highly recommend everyone backup their wallet before proceeding. And lastly, don’t trust anyone to setup a smartnode for you even if they offer help they can steal your smartnode down the road

~S (a.k.a controllinghand)