Smartcash Street Team


SmartCash street Team is a group of four graduates who are cryptocurrency enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and students activist who have seen the benefits that SmartCash offer to their community and for that matter ready to take extensive actions to liberate their people from their economic woes through cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.We have realize that, before people will start using their SmartCash, businesses must be already accepting them as medium of exchange. In this project there is no TV shows, radio discussions or social media advertisements. We are going boot for boot that is one-on-one with the businesses by teaching, educating and convincing them on the need to accept SmartCash as medium of exchange. The project recognized the need to expand utility and maintain circulation for SmartCash as a means of enabling diffusion and usage thereby creating value. We intend to embark on a one-on-one meetups with business associations, hawkers, consultancy firms and commercial shops to provide opportunity for SmartCash holders to spend on goods and services. This will enable the integration of both micro and macro businesses into SmartCash merchandise for day-by-day use.
There are only a few businesses in Ghana that accepts SmartCash as a medium of exchange. The lack of businesses accepting SmartCash is holding back SmartCash users from trading with it despite the increment of SmartCash usability in Ghana.
Our solution has to do with equiping the operators of business and market traders to accept SmartCash as a means of payment for goods and services. The reason being that, until a number of businesses begin to accept SmartCash as a means of payment, people won’t start using their SmartCash. our solution aim at targeting small scale businesses, large Scale businesses organization corporate bodies and/or trade unions across the country with immediate target of the industrial regions of Ghana; Greater Accra. This will eventually make it more accessible for people to get their SmartCash spent and of course it will attract newbies and in the long run augment SmartCash user base and eventually making smartCash a cryptocurrency with utility in Ghana.

How we will do it;
Operation 15:15 per day. Under this operation the SmartCash street team will visit 15 businesses, organizations, corporate bodies and/or group of people to teach, educate and motivate them on the need to accept or incorporate SmartCash in their day to day activities for 15 minutes per 15 businesses each day for the period of one month excluding weekends. During this period, a design brochure with comprehensive knowledge about SmartCash in it will be given to businesses that we visit. Again, all businesses who decide to accept SmartCash will be listed on smartcash merchant directory.( SmartCash POS in a form of printed SmartCash QR codes will be designed to be place on the front desk of businesses accepting SmartCash, " smartcash accepted here stickers "will be used where necessary.
In Ghana, almost all businesses and professions have associations that we will collaborate with them.

Partnership with Associations: In the case of spreading SmartCash among businesses and workable oriented people, we plan to team up with the association they have formed to spread information at their event and meetings, that is, We will be doing presentations to their audience
and members and have an inquiry desk at their event were people could come for more information. We as SmartCash street team is currently speaking to Ghana Association of Social Workers( GASOW)
(Social Work since the 1940s ranks as one of the early professions in Ghana and has since been entrenched into the social structure of the Ghanaian society. Social work promotes social change and the liberation of individuals and groups to enhance wellbeing, utilizing theories of human behavior and social systems and relying heavily on the principles of human rights and social justice). Another association of focus is Ghana industries ( However we aim to go into negotiations with three more associations to have presentation about SmartCash at their events. They are: Humanist Association of Ghana (, Small scale businesses Association of Ghana and National Union of Ghana students(
Listed on the brochure we will be sharing during our operation 15:15 per day is the venue and date for our megga conference dubbed
SmartCash businesses conference/summit. After a month of activities we will crown it with a conference. At this conference, all businesses that we were able to speak to and those we couldn’t speak to will be invited to discuss matters concerning blockchain and SmartCash. Some of the topics to be discuss are:
1.Role of businesses in the process of mass adoption of cryptocurrency(smartcash) in Ghana
2. A talk about smartcard and how to use them and the Pos that will be suitable for owners looking at the type of business they operate
3. How to encourage and motivate people/customers to use SmartCash as a business owner
4. How to deal with volatility as a business accepting SmartCash
5.Finally, the benefits you gain as a business owner when you get into SmartCash and the benefit attached to your business listed on


  • To Visit 15 business per day excluding weekends,
  • Listing at least 20 businesses accepting SmartCash as medium of exchange on smartCash merchant directory every week, that is, on,
  • To let individuals, groups and/or companies come into direct contact with SmartCash through our exclusive informative brochures of Smartcash, and Speak and present SmartCash to more than 2,000 people using our partnership program with other associations.
    2,000 is our target. However each association has over 3,000 memebers.
  • Motivating, encouraging and equipping businesses and business owners on the need to accept SmartCash as medium of exchange
  • Creating or downloading of smartcash wallets is also part of our goals. Creating of 2,000 wallets at the end of the project is our target. However we will be happy if we are able to surpass this threshold.

Return of Investment(ROI)
Firstly, 15 businesses everyday, 20 or more listed on SmartCash merchant directory every week. With this please let’s do some calculation. 15 businesses x 5days = 75 businesses visited every week meaning 300 businesses will be visited at the end of the project, which is one month. Again take your calculater 20 businesses listed on merchant directory every week. With this at least 20 businesses a week and at least 80 businesses a month will be listed on SmartCash merchant directory at the end of the project which is one month.
Secondly, 2,000 brochures will be printed to share during the period of our project meaning 2,000 people will get direct contact with SmartCash at the end of the project.
Moreover, businesses will start accepting smartcash as a medium of exchange and People will get places to spend their SmartCash making SmartCash a cryptocurrency with utility and usage which will eventually aid the mass adoption in Ghana.

This project will be executed for one month which is 31 days in the capital of Ghana, Accra. Greater Accra was chosen due to it industrial nature and it been the capital city of Ghana where most big companies and businesses are situated.
Now that you know what the SmartCash street team have to offer the SmartCash community, we know you are curious to know the team members behind this great project

Kingford yankson on discord as @yankdiary
Economics and political science graduate from University of Ghana, Legon. A professional teacher(National service), public speaker, cryptocurrency enthusiasts and a libertarian (team leader)

Mawuli Mensah
Graduate from university of education winneba. A professional teacher who holds degree in communication skills cryptocurrency enthusiasts and libertarian (Team Public relation officer)

Nana jerry Huggo
Graphic designer and have degree in marketing University of Science and Technology, Kumasi ( team member)

George Pro. Official DASH ambassador for Ghana. Has organized several conferences, radio talk show, meet- ups, TV talk show among others. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts since 2016 now working on a project building a Dashy Africa.
(Team adviser)

Transportation within the region= $950
Brochure $1.5×2000= $3,000
Team salary $300×3= $900
Conference room with projector and sound system= $480
T-shirt = $300
Giveaways = $300
Photograph service= $230
SmartCash accepted here stickers =$150
Plastic QR code pos $2×200= $400
Banner and roll up banner for our inquiry desk = $210
Total $7,320


These business proposals have had zero effect, I do not see the point of continuing to support any more of these “sign up a couple of merchant shops and take a picture” proposals.

Try something else instead.


I think it’s a better for proposals like yours to have a mile stone per business and the cost for each of those should be explained in the proposal.Transportation within the region= $950 what kind of local transportation is that, private jet? and what kind of T-shirt that costs $300? Photograph service= $230? seriously? what’s wrong with the smartphone camera?
I can keep going like this and this post will never end.
you need to work on you proposal form the beginning lower the cost, change the milestones to be paid per business, and only then people will look at this.
Just a last note for you and anyone making this kind of proposal, you guys are dragging GHANA reputation in the mud, people are starting to vote NO as soon as they see the word GHANA in a proposal, so please for your sake and every member of our community from Ghana stop posting these scammy looking proposals.


Most of the allege information about Ghana :ghana:from the community of smartcash is not true and are false. Is quite sad that the Ghanaian community has recieved various attack from things and issues that they are not supposed to be attack of… The African country with the most largest community and real usability of smartcash is Ghana. I can say Ghana is the headquarters of SmartCash when it’s come to smartcash usability in Africa. Now please let’s move to price $300 = 1350 in the Ghana CEDI’s. 1shirt cost 25 Ghana cedis therefore $300 can only print 54shirts however we negotiated they are ready to give us just 70shirts for the whole project. Transportation if you think $950 for a month means we inflating price then I don’t know what to say to convince you. Ask every Ghanaian, photograph service in Ghana cost a lot we did not resort to our smartphones because we needed some form of quality during our report to the community. I therefore plead with the community to have a different view about :ghana: Ghana since Ghanaians here are naturally hardworking, truthful and ready to take up the task of liberating their economy through smartcash and blockchain technology


First, I want to say that I’m not attacking our community members from Ghana in fact all I want is to improve their proposals to be passed and accepted, which hasn’t been happening a lot lately and reason for that is proposals like yours. Second, You don’t represent Ghana you only represent yourself and your team so please stop hiding behind the community. Third, if you really care about SmartCash and the community you wouldn’t be asking for $230 for some photos when the market is down; the community don’t want your "photograph service " and “quality” in your report a smartphone video and photos are good enough. all that merch and those extra expenses are why proposals are getting voted “NO”. I think I’ve said everything that I wanted to say before. make 1 milestone for every merchant you add and beak down the cost for every single merchant in your proposal. You’re asking for $950 for transportation how much of that is used for a single merchant? $8? with $2 for the qr code and $3 for 15 min per merchant . . . there you have your first milestone $13 for 1 merchant nothing else is really needed. . . . the same goes for next merchant and so on. . .
I think I’ve already said enough, this proposal probably won’t pass if it keeps going this way.
Note: the numbers that I have mentioned were just an example and I’m not sure about the real costs in Ghana it maybe much less.