SmartCash Venezuela Project Updates


I thought it would be good to start a new thread to focus on the implementation of the SmartCash sponsored activities in Venezuela. Anyone wanting to learn the history of the project can see the pre-proposal discussion here: forum pre-proposal

Getting to this point has required countless hours from many dedicated people. The team has already purchased all the food necessary for the distributions and marketing has been going on for several weeks. To check out all the radio interviews in Spanish check Smartcash Venezuela Instagram

Today the team will be blanketing the city with flyers for the events as well as something really special, SmartCash Venezuela has booked a local restaurant and will be doing a dry run of the conference presentations for about 40 close associates. They are doing this to practice their talks as well as get real questions from the crowd so that they can better prepare for the big event.

I hope you are as excited as me, I look forward to watching all of the hard work unfold in Venezuela being introduced to SmartCash and our community.

Pre-Proposal for Food Distribution in Venezuela
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Also the swag is starting to roll in. Here are the team member’s hats. These are super high quality with stitched logo, I wish I had one!


Hoping to get one in Black !!! Way to go SMARTCASH-VE !


Fiatluxx this is an amazing idea and looks to be progressing exceptionally well, loving the $SMART promo material. I look forward to the next updates in the coming days…


Very nice,thanks for the update! and good luck.


Flyer distribution team activate!


The Stickers Hot Off The Press


Morning Prep For the First Conference


This is all wonderful! great job guys!



It’s Happening!!!

First meal distribution is happening today, everything is going amazing. Here are some pictures of early morning prepping.


Great update, looks like the team there is working hard to make the event successful. The attention to detail on everything is awesome. Would you mind if I used these images to make a Steemit post about food distribution portion of the project?


awesome! keep them updates coming! :slight_smile:


Wouldn’t mind at all, but thanks for asking. Hang on I’m about to upload some much better ones. :slight_smile:


You can always keep up on Instagram too:


We want to add to these event our participation on the last one on Oct 29th. Another interesting news from our side is that next week we will be already testing the listing going Live is all runs fine. Soon our 3000+ registered users will be able to get $SMART with local currency.

$SMART without doubts will be truly useful in Venezuela as Cash is running out, hyperinflation raising and foreign currency is truly scarce.


This is what we did together!!!


This is the actual meal, Chef Jonathan cooked from scratch. SmartCash does not mess around!


Thanks for the additional pictures. Making me hungry. My Steemit post is up:


As Venezuelans we have to thank both the deployed team in the country @argfa and company and also to all the SmartCash team who have focused on providing financial solutions to the Venezuelan people. During the promotion of the project Smartcash has generously giving enough incentives to the community to jump into this great project.

We as the vehicle for Venezuelans to use Smartcash are proud to be part of this community. We are thankful in the name of our people for your generosity and for landing in our country.

MonkeyCoin Team.