Smartcash wallet issue


I am getting an issue while assessing my Smart Cash wallet which says error initializing wallet database environment. I just updated my smartcash wallet to 1.0.1. How can i solve this issue. Please help.


close wallet

Navigate to here


delete all the files from the wallet except the wallet.dat file

Download bootstrap and exact file into this location where your wallet file is.

Open wallet again see how you go.


I restarted the computer and the wallet opened, but which i closed the wallet again it now gives the same error. I don’t know what to do. Should i restart again and backup the Private keys?

  1. Always backup private keys

  2. why did you restart computer ?


I restarted coz i thought it might work and it did. I am an Hardware engineer and I think there is a bug with Wallet 1.0.1 Which doesn’t allow you to close the wallet and open it back again. It needs a restart. I restarted again and it works but only for the first time.


I have the same wallet version just closed and re-opened again no issues for me there is no bug did you extract the bootstrap ?


I am afraid to extract any file provided on the internet with the wallet file. I hope you understand.


that file is from the dev team


Will check it out on a dummy wallet. Thx for the help.


Hi Somnium,

Thanks for the tip. Can you please confirm that I delete ALL files in the AppData/Roaming/Smartcash folder? So essentially all that should remain would be the wallet.dat file and then the bootstrap folder which I would have downloaded.

Sorry for the newbie question, just getting the hang of it and like any rookie I am afraid to delete something that I don’t know what it is.

Thanks in advance for your help.



That is the correct method


I did exactly that and it worked a treat,



If you use the bootstrap does it still revalidate every past transaction?


Thank you for suggesting this method. It’s work.