SmartCash Wallet v.1.0.2 - no block source available


Dear community!

I have a problem with my smartcash desktop wallet - it says no block source available (4hours behind in syncing). Does it have connection with new wallets coming? Because v.1.0.2 is the latest version so far, so I dont understand this. Thank you for the response!



I have the same problem, “it says 5 hours behind in syncing”, I did a transfer from Hitbtc into my smartcash wallet 4 hours ago and my smartcash is nowhere



Hello Fredtremblay!

It must be the new wallets coming case, becasue in the wallet section, there is an announcment thaz new wallets will be avaiable soon and cant download the old one.


Hey Fredtrembley!

I am already synced. What is your status?


Looks like new wallet is available, I haven’t gotten a transaction since the 8th.


Dear friends,

I have same problem last 2 days no block source available.what I have to do ???please help