SmartCash Zerocoin related issues and the path forward


HitBTC is next in trade volume, with roughly 10%. Otherwise, check coinmarketcap, you’ll find all the exchanges.


Yeah, that’s just what I did with my local wallet, and it seems to be working fine. But it looks like Cryptopia isn’t going to use this updated wallet at all, instead they want a wallet with the zerocoin issue fixed (and not just disabled). At least that’s what their current note suggests. That’s what bothers me a lot, cause cryptopia is by far the main exchange for smartcash - all the other exchanges combined are still just a small fraction of cryptopia’s volume. And for one reason or another the smartcash wallet on cryptopia keeps getting disabled (with all the funds sent to it stuck). :frowning:


Yeah. A good chunk of my smarts are stuck there now. I’ve asked them for clarifications, I still hope they will update the wallet. If they’ve really decided to wait for a zerocoin fix, the honest thing to do would have been to inform people before locking the wallet. But of course, it would have cause a massive exodus towards HitBTC… It really is a pain and a paradox to have to use centralized markets.

Edit: I’ve checked Cryptopia, they did not lock all the zerocoin token wallet. Zcash and Zclassic are still running, while SmartCash, Hush, Zcoin, Kurrent, Zoin are disabled.


Hitbtc has disabled their smartcash deposits as well.


HitBTC has performed the upgrade and is back up now! I just tested with a Smart withdrawal myself.

Cryptopia looks a bit foolish with their message about zerocoin related issues as this was already resolved and they would have never experienced any issues at all if they would have upgraded when they were advised to do so.

The new release fully addresses all zerocoin related issues so they won’t need to wait for anything but their tech team to implement the new wallet release (and resync because they didn’t act quick enough to not affect their blockchain).

Sorry for the inconveniences guys! Once this is cleared up though we shouldn’t have any issues. All other exchanges have upgraded.


how to contact dev team


Hi everyone. Will zerocoin be reintegrated at some point in the future?


That’s the plan… I wouldn’t expect it tomorrow though! The Dev team will want to extensively test the associated zerocoin library files before re-implementing the renew/reclaim features.


Many thanks for the info! I am working on some smartcash videos. I hope to be finished around the end of the month and was planning on including info on the features including the zerocoin related functions. Would you advise me to exclude them for now?


Only because we don’t have an ETA I would exclude or only lightly mention it. I’m excited to see the videos!


Thanks for that! We’re making a series of videos so I might just do one for that side of things and not release till all is clear. I’m really confident in our work video wise but I’ve decided instead of hiring an actor, to do it myself and I’ve got a face only a mother could love so I might be the weak link :slight_smile:


You can join #support at our Slack channel.


What about mining at the pool ? Is it working okey ? As i see pool is not sending coint to wallets.
Thanks :slight_smile:


For records / documentation sake:

Relating to this subject, the following was posted on the SmartCash twitter:

“We would like to ensure everyone SmartCash is not planning on re-enabling the Zerocoin privacy layer and risk getting delisted from exchanges, as it has been the case with $zec $dash and $xmr lately. #cryptocurrency #cryptocurrencies #cr …”


perspective: got to get rid of zerocoin protocol due to it’s trusted setup/toxic waste problem. The perspective: that any currency that has a trusted setup/toxic waste problem doesn’t have a chance to become a mass-adopted global currency


Zerocoin protocol is actually auditable. You are referring to the zerocash protocol which is NOT auditable.

The reason PivX and ZCoin were aware their coins were being exploited in the past is because zerocoin IS IN FACT AUDITABLE.