SmartHive Voting Changes


The SmartCash voting system will change to an upfront and on completion payment system. Proposals will be paid upfront only for items that are already paid and can be proven with receipts. The final payment for proposals will be paid after the project is completed. We will be adding a field for the upfront payment on Until that is added, include in the proposal comment what portion of the proposal is for expenses along with details for each.

Voting and payments will no longer end at the end of a month. Voting will instead be open a minimum of 2 weeks and maximum of 2 months. If the proposal exceeds the yes threshold needed it can pass in a little as 2 weeks after it was submitted and pay soon after. If the proposal doesn’t exceed the yes threshold after 2 months it is declined and moved to proposal history. This will help move proposals faster and allow a little extra time if a proposal has questions, especially if submitted near the end of the month.


Will this apply to October proposals or new ones going forward?

SmartRewards Is Removing The Grace Period Between Snapshots

All proposals effective today will need to provide the upfront and final split. As for the payment date, this will take some time to change the site.


Is there a guide on how to vote for a proposal? Can you only vote for one a month? Does it cancel your smart rewards if you use your main address?


@Taitou How To Vote On A SmartCash Proposal … check this out


like this change , its very nice!!