SmartNode Check and Monitor script v1.0 (Are you at best practice setup?)


SmartNode Check and Monitor (Are you at best practice setup?)

Mac 10.13.2 (Local Wallet)
Ubuntu 16.04 LTS x64 (VPS smartnode)
Date 6/2/2018
By @controllinghand

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So you have a SmartNode running in the cloud. And maybe you have more than one. The question you might ask yourself is “Did I set everything up correctly”? Well, here is your chance to see.
I created a few scripts that you can run to check your VPS

Here is an easy two step process to get it up and running

  1. Install the smartnode monitor agent on all your VPS. This agent will run every 10 mins and dump the output into a file located at /home/smartadmin/snmon/snmon.dat The agents job is to run some commands as root that check the VPS status and make sure you have everything up to best practice
  2. Install the SmartNode Monitor server script on your mac or linux box that has ssh setup to login to all of your VPS. Now update the iplist file and run the script

Here are more details on how to do each step

Step 1. Install the smartnode agent

  1. Login to your VPS and become root
  2. Download the install agent type:
    wget -N
  3. Run the install agent
    bash ./

Step 2. Install the SmartNode monitor app on your Mac

  1. Login in to your mac and bring up a terminal
  2. Download the SmartNode Monitor install script type:
    curl -O
  3. Run the install script
    bash ./

Step 3. Run the script

  1. update the iplist with all of your VPS IPs
  2. run ~/snmon/

This is the output you will see

Link to the Github for this script