SmartNode Monitor Telegram/Discord


Hello everyone,

To give SmartNode owners a simple way to monitor their nodes, I am working on a bot which runs on Discord and Telegram. The bot will come with the following features:

  • Check the current number of created/enabled nodes in the network
  • Add/edit/remove your nodes in a private chat with the bot.
  • Display a detailed summary of all your added nodes. Metrics include:
    o Status
    o Public address
    o Uptime
    o Last seen
    o Last payout block and time
    o Protocol
    o Rank
  • Check the current balance of your nodes
  • Enable/disable several notifications in a private chat with the bot:
    o Reward notifications – Receive a notification when one of your nodes receives a reward.
    o Status notifications – Receive a notification if one of your nodes changes its status.
     Why this is important - If your bot’s status is anything but Enabled, you will lose your payout positioning until you manually check and resolve the issue. Enabling notifications removes the need to constantly check each node’s status manually and allows you to address the issue in a quick and timely manner.
    o Rank notifications – Receive notifications whenever your node’s rank changes.
     Currently it is unknown as to the purpose of rank but will continue to investigate.
    o Network notifications – You will receive a notification each time a new node joins/leaves the SmartNode network.
    o LastSeen notifications – You will receive a notification when the lastSeen timestamp of your node is greater then X.

The goal is to provide node owners with a free and convenient method for tracking key node metrics in an automated fashion.

My Credentials
I am a software developer proficient in Python C/C++ and Swift

What I am asking for
There are three primary costs for this project.
* Development – Development 60 hours / Testing 35 Hours / Production 5 Hours
* VPS Hosting – 2 years of VPS Hosting
* Upkeep and maintenance – I will commit to 2 years of maintaining the VPS and database required for routing the appropriate notifications. At which time I will look to either pass the reins to another community member or reassess a potential renewal.
• Based on the factors described above, I am requesting $8,600.00

What I Plan to Deliver
• A working monitor and notification bot for both Telegram and Discord 1 week after the proposal is approved.


do itttttttttttttttttt or get to list smart


Can we also get notifications when last seen changes to more than a specified number? It’s better to know sooner and do something than wait until the node status changes to expired and we lose the payment for that round! Great idea though and I’m sure you can add this too so you’ve got my vote :slight_smile:


sounds good.

keep up the good work.


Great idea @dustinface


Pretty interesting. :slightly_smiling_face:


This will save me from constantly checking my VPS so yeah, you have my vote!


Nice idea. Will add it to the feature list @msg768 :smiley:


For us non-techies, why do we need integration with Telegram/Discord for this? Can you just scrape the data from online?


@tallguy55 Not sure if it got your question? Can you just scrape the data from online?

The Telegram/Discord integration allows you to easily subscribe notifications for the status/lastSeen/payouts of your nodes. So if you add all your nodes to the bot and one of them crashed for any reason you will receive a notification. You will also receive a notification if one of them received a reward. Means you do not have to check the node liste or your wallet all the time to make sure everything is fine with your nodes.


I like the idea of a tool to monitor smartnodes. How about a simple mobile app? Having to come to telegram or discord (another app) to just check on the node status I may as well go directly to the website. Personally I only use these programs on my PC so I would not want to run up my data plan or phone battery power by have either of them (discord or telegram) on my phone too data and battery consuming


@nitego Hey man…sure i can imagine that some people dont use those apps on their phones. But from what i heard yet is telegram strong represented in the cryptoworld and i think there are many with it on their phones. Also when you install a mobile app which sends you this notifications you have the same traffic/battery consumption like when you install telegram, use only this bot in telegram and wait for the same notifications which a simple mobile app would send :smiley: But sure a mobile app would also work lol. The advantage with the bots is that they are just running in a messenger app and you don’t have to create a mobile app which runs on multiple platforms. Greetz :grin:


Thanks it makes sense when you put it in perceptive of the utility of the message app. You got my vote


yeah and with an app, you probably didn’t do one for Windows Mobile hehe :slight_smile:


@dustinface love the idea of telegram bot. YOU realy nailed it that with telegram integration you dont need a special app to check node. I’m all up with this idea. Got my vote on it.


Saw the bot on telegram today. using it. Its great. the best part is It can be the only channel I have on telegram. Now I understand. Thanks


Thanks @all for voting! :smiley:

I just finished the guide for the bots on steemit:
The sourcecode is available on github:

Enjoy it! :v: