Smartnode - NEW_START_REQUIRED and other issues


Hi all,

In a stroke of unfortunate timing, Smartnode rewards going live have seemed to coincide with issues not foreseen or addressed during the initial PDF setup instructions. I, like many, used the PDF guide to set up the node, and are now confused about what we need to do to keep it running and safe.

An issue that seems to be inevitable if using a VPS is storage space due to the debug logs.
What isn’t completely clear to me, or it seems to many in discord is the exact steps to implement the fix.
I’ve seen a lot of similar but varying responses on discord on how to do so.

For instance, in the Smartnode FAQ it shows:

. #!/bin/bash
. #
. # Clear debug.log every other day
. # Add the following to the crontab (i.e. crontab -e)
. # 0 0 */2 * * ~/smartnode/
. /bin/date > ~/.smartcash/debug.log

But not much direction on where or how to implement these commands.
Do we simply SSH in and type everything above exactly as written?

The gist of what I’m getting at is there are vague references for the additional steps that should be taken for those of us that used the original PDF guide, but no explicit, step by step instructions on how to do so for newbies like me (and the scores of people I saw asking the same questions on discord).

Could the FAQ be amended or maybe another addition be tacked on to the setup guide for dummies?
Being such a linux newbie I’m extremely hesitant to mess with the node unless I’m confident in the directions being followed.

Thanks for all of the documentation thus far.


I wrote a few guides to address this topic.
One is a install checker and address the debug log issue as well as a few others.

Here are a few other guides you might find helpful


Ping me on Discord if you have any questions