SmartNode on Windows OS/Ubuntu in router's Cloud disk


HI Smarties.

I have seen Smartnode guide based on Ubuntu. I am now exploring the possibility to host it on my pc / DDNS.

  1. Is it possible to have a SmartNode on Windows platform? Node.js? If possible, any guide would be great.

  2. I have a router with Cloud capability. I see this similar to VM instance by external providers. Is there any possibility for me to install Ubuntu and SN on an external hard disk and connect it to my router’s USB so that it runs 24/7 (with my router) and host the Smartnode? (searched on Ubuntu forums but failed to get an answer). Any input would be great and helpful.


  1. Smartnode can run on Windows machine, it require static IP v4 not DDNS. To run on windows please check the old guide ( you have to put smartnodeprivkey in smartcash.conf manually )

  2. when you can fully install Ubuntu OS on your external hard disk you can run smartnode, but i think router sometime work with SAN ( Storage Area Network) for storage purpose only


Hi @hoangton,

Firstly, thanks for always being there for the Smarties in times of need. The best leader !!

(1) wow, is it as easy as adding commands into the smartcash.conf file? so i don’t need to get all the installation files from github like i did for the vm?

(2) If I edit my .conf files, will it affect the exisiting node(s)?


  1. Yes it easy to add in smartcash.conf file you can openit with notepad and edit as normal and don’t need to get bash installer from github because it only use for ubuntu base os

  2. When you edit with the correct format it will not affect the current nodes


Thanks for your speedy reply.

(1) Do I have to keep my node client active / pc on always in order for the node to run?

(2) So I just add
(to everyoneelse, from guide example; please don’t follow this :point_down: )

Correct format… the above is correct format i presume… so is it ok to follow that?

  1. You only need node client running when you setup smartnode ( after you start alias successful you can close node client)

  2. Yes you can add as the template on smartcash.conf on vps ( windows pc with you ). You can change rpcuser and rpcpassword to whatever you want


oh, so how would my smartnode run? for instance, the ubuntu based runs on the vm instance 24/7. What about this? do i still need to subscribe to a vps? (because my objective is to avoid that if possible). Because intend to have several nodes and don’t want to be overburned by the vps subscription costs.

Sorry for asking too much; but just wanted to clear my hazy mind. thanks


in your case you have to open your windows pc to run 24/7 please compare your electricity cost vs vps cost and choose what is best for you


haha, okay… so to clarify,

(1) smartnode client can actually work to host smartnodes, not just to generate keys etc.

(2) It also won’t work if I install the node client to my cloud hard disk (external hard disk connected to my router) as it’s only for storage purpose.

(3) the only thing would be to run it 24/7 on my pc i.e. electricity costs. pc maintenance etc.

Now I get it.

Thanks so much @hoangton