Smartnode payout irregularity undermining integrity


Maybe I’m not understanding this right,
but the way the data seems,
comparing people in collateral 150 days
some got paid only 3 times, total amount 690 SMART
while some got paid up to 17-18 times, during the same period, total 3500 SMART
the random difference in payout equals nearly 5 times!!!
(please correct me if I’m wrong

On another note,
while I’ve been reading in this forum, hearing first payout grace period 20-25 days
some accounts been paid only 4-5 days after collateral
while some accounts are waiting for payout 20+ days and still nothing…

Can somebody explain this to me???
It seems as though nobody really cares anymore in this community…
that’s what truly bothers me…


This is a known issue that will be fixed in 1.2 with a hard fork. 1.1.1 didn’t effectively address the issue.


Thanks, good to hear it’s a known issue…looking forward to the 1.2 upgrade