SmartNode$ Rules (idea)


I used the term “FullNode” to give @calmadigital a guideline to follow, because without conceptual basics I did not get into complicated explanations. But if @calmadigital does not know what a FullNode is, how can I explain the implementations of SmartNodes?

I also specified that I did not have technical skills to take the situation in hand and solve it alone, I just had the idea. I have repeatedly referred to the development and administration team.

Rewards distribution is the only thing I did not care about, I mentioned it just to justify the two strategies. If you know the reward distribution is directly proportional to what the owner or development teams will have to provide, but I never quantified any reward.

My idea is focused on the total management (and release) of the basic network SmartNodes by the administrative team, this to prevent attacks and guarantee the geographical distribution of SmartNodes. These factors help ensure network reliability and speed while maintaining good security.

The only thing I agree with is that we should create a workgroup consisting of administrators, developers, and creators, who will have to set the parameters you talk over the cost of work to make a definite team proposal.

I created this thread precisely for this, otherwise I would do the proposal directly do not you think? I do not know whether you are an administrator or a developer (or both / or neither), but you will surely know who to ask… why do not you help me to form a good team?


First you cant make people do smartnodes second are you developing smartnodes no so it isn’t up to you. You are not putting hard work in the devs are. So don’t make there job harder.


Wow … what kind of hostility I found? Hours to write … a night without sleep … in the hope of giving something useful to the community and this is the result?
"… do not make there job harder …": the job scare you? Wow !!!

It would have been enough to answer “Thank you for the commitment but the thing is not feasible for business reasons.” In addition to the right answer this is education!
I never wanted to develop SmartNodes, I wanted to create a team to do it … I’ve said several times that this is not in my faculty.

I was thinking of finding a different team, different availability and constructive dialogue … but I think I’m in the wrong place!
I had already several articles ready for steemit … great development … great team … where? How can I lie to myself now?

For me the thread can be closed! I’ve tried it! I did it all!
Close, I will understand what my road.



That’s the point of view of a community member. He doesn’t speak for everyone. Please treat it as such.


@CikoXpI like the idea. I think it makes sense to want to have an easy way to get people to run Smartnodes later on. We don’t want it to be overly complicated to do so, especially if we want a wide geographical distribution. We need to have a turnkey solution.


yep… maybe u’re right!
I feel under attack… i made exertion to elaborate and translate my idea. It’s not a simple thing if u try to be more understandable as possible.
I expected something different, a more positive reaction, but seeing these replay (one from an Ambassador) i’m discouraged. I’ll wait more replays… maybe i’ll find more motivated people to built a definite team proposal. :wink:


@CikoXp You could be an ambassador too. (FINISHED) Introducing the Incentivized Ambassador Program! Got skills? Help us grow & get paid!

It’s not just for the elite few. :smiley:


@JuicyG thanks for the link… i’ve just made a steemit team request… and i’ve already done something to post… but if i can, i’ll do this too… :wink:

For all interested people: I need a couple of skilled developers that help me to work on my “TEAM SmartNode$” and “COMMON SmartNode$” features. You’ll find me on Slack!

I’ll upgrade original post!.. :wink:


i think you are going on the wrong direction with the “COMMON SmartNode$”.

there is no reason for anyone to “leave a wallet open”

it is not staking


@slpin You forgot the “little reward” that i’ve mentioned for COMMONs

But yes, my idea is to implement COMMON SmartNode$ feature in a new wallet with an improved UI, like a PoSNode$… :grin:
If i can earn (really little but earn) just keeping open my wallet… without config needed… on my laptop… on my desk etc… why not? :wink:

Don’t forgot that COMMONs are a marginal Nodes… we guarantee great network (speed and reliability) with TEAM SNs released only from developers team to trusted people… :wink:
(are you interested to join this dev team? are u a skilled dev?)
Thanx for your time friend… :wink:


smart node is meant for insta-pay and other proprietary features - it is meant for skilled people with dedicated hardware to run it - that is also available all the time to maintain the up-keep.

i do not see any benefit in this implementation.

as per your comment on “earning a little keeping wallet open”… there is smart rewards - and you don’t even need to keep a wallet open…


but u need to have SMARTs for SR… but ok i understand your point of view

people with a dedicated hw will have TEAMs SNs… specific number for sq miles (or country)… they ensure the network… COMMONs may also not exist (ex.)


I see no point, and no reason to have a “COMMON”.

There is a smartreward system for people that want to hold smart (and the requirement is only 1000).

A raspberry pi or leaving the wallet open in the background really wont do anything at all to contribute to the network… there are miners that do real work…


ok u don’t like COMMON SmartNode$ :joy:

but what u think of the rest?


it is meh…

it is focused on rewards

it is focused on doing the same thing miners are already doing

it lists none of the features on the smartnode roadmap (the reason why smartnodes are even going to be implemented in the first place)

i think once the smartnode models are completed; then working on an idea then, that could improve it, would be better…


This is my personal view @CikoXp but this idea is not well thought out, from a technical standpoint it sounds like every other node/master node arrangement and they have similar flaws when it comes to transaction speed and volume, but what i find disturbing is the use of regulation and centralization to decide how nodes are issued out, this goes against the essence of decentralization and therefore would only receive my no vote.


But dev team should release Nodes only for ensure geographical distribution… but no one can own more than 1 Node… developers included.

But ok… it’s wasted time… maybe i cant be able to explain myself… and to think that my goal was decentralization! eheh

U talk about a phantomatic decentralization, but there are many things that haven’t nothing to do with decentralization… U think that ICO is decentralized? U think steemit post evaluation (and similar) it’s a decentralized thing? U think mining or SmartReward are decentralized?

Who take the decisions? Why reward me (ex.) rather than you?
Why who have more money can mine more fast or take more SMART to have a big Reward than who don’t have this chance?
Why who own 1MLN of SMART and 1MLN of USD can dump or pump our coin when and how it want?

I don’t see nothing decentralized here!!!
The decentralization is just a dream!

Decentralization aim to give same opportunity for all users. There will be always a centralization… and a little bit of regulation is needed to have same opportunity for all… do not forget this!!!


Decentralization is not “Just” a dream. It is “The Dream” . I am proud to say this as a community member that SmartCash is making this dream possible.Every single piece of Technology that has ever been built has its own limitations, every single Tool that has ever been invented has its own positives and negatives . In a free market it is totally a users choice whether they want to align themselves with the positives or the negatives of the iven tech./tool.

Yes, they are.

The way it works is that initially there is a single person or group of people who come together to put a plan, vision it properly, design an eco-system around, they put it all together and lay down the principles based upon which the project should or will function.
Later who you see working as ambassadors are people who have skills and are involved within the community and bring value by keeping themselves aligned with the positives.

Distributing SmartRewards are not controlled by anyone in such a way that they can reward someone higher than others. It is a simple mathematical formula.

Given the fact that people do not have to climb mountains or dig deep into forests to mine SMARTS or earn REWARDS. I would say it is fair that if someone has more resources at their disposal, their REWARDS should be more than average.

Because SmartCash is not even 6 months old, right now and 1 Million USD is a lot of money.

Same opportunity is out there for everybody to use at SmartCash. It depends on the community how do they use it. Your proposal literally suggests to differentiate nodes and have separate one for Team and User(s). I am not sure what are you trying to say here.

Look arround, explore better and you will see a lot of them.

A decentralized community is no better than a Ferrari with no engine in it, If there is no governance/regulation.



SmartCash will not have InvestmentNodes., Instead will have SmartNodes that are fast and reliable to process transactions.


Hes right about Developer owned master node getting more reward leads to centralization.

It makes sense more contribution to the network translates to

more gain in stake. Dash masternodes are held by public, why

not smart master nodes?