Smartnode Setup Issues



I’m facing a challenge setting up my smartnode when I get to Section 8, step 7. I have setup the smartnode and synced it with the blockchain. The “smartcash-cli getinfo” command tells me that I have the last blockchain number as displayed in the explorer. But, when I then type the “smartcash-cli smartnode status” command I get the following message…“not a capable smartnode. Smartnode not in smartnode list.”

Any ideas what I have done wrong?



Wait for your local wallet to sync all the nodes and when it will be done, click on “Start MISSING” in “SmartNodes” tab, wait few minutes and your node will be enable and then you should be done.


Awesome. Thanks. Got it working.


If I wanted to setup a second smartnode, do I follow the same procedure but when it comes to Section 9, part 1 (the smartnode.conf file) I just add a second line with the nodename, genkey, txid, index details below the first one?


Yes yes yes (I need at least 20 characters ;-))


Thank you thank you thank you! Both nodes set up! Really appreciate the help! :smile:


Good,thanks for share your problems along the way, when we face those same problems we can come here to see the workaround.

And thanks cknr7 for answer the problems.



Ok for those of us without computer science degrees anyone willing to do a node set up walkthrough on YouTube? This is going to be a nightmare.


Hi, I’m new to here.
I’d like to setup smartnodes. I bought 10000 Smart today.
I have Amazon AWS free tier account, currently not using it.

Can I run smartnode on AWS free tier? or Shall I use another commercial service?
Is there any guide using AWS if possibe?



I’m having issues with section 1, step 19, when I input the command “smartnode outputs” I get no key, not sure what is going on, please help.


Be sure to have a 10’000 SMART transaction in one of your wallet addresses? It will give you a key only if you have this transaction of 10’000 SMART.


Oh ok, yeah it has a transaction of 10049, can make another wallet and just make a transfer of 10k then transfer it back, or do you any suggestions. Also for section 1 step 4, I placed the .conf file in C:/programfiles/smartcash (default installation place), I see the deamon, guide text file, and the uninstall agent, is this the correct place?


You don’t need anoter wallet, just make a 10k SMART to another address in the same wallet and you will be fine.
For windows the folder you look for should be at the following place: %appdata%/Smartcash


Ok cool, thank you, I found the location is /user/appdata/Roaming/smartcash


did you have any luck setting up your node? Did you find a tutorial? Im trying to set one up on my Mac and could use some hand holding.


I got as far as the first 5 or6 steps and now it’s syncing.


There is now a SmartNode setup guide for Mac:



Can someone make a more in depth tutorial on how to run a smartnode from start to finish?


With bash the install become that easier? or need additional steps?