Smartnode status "Not capable smartnode: Smartnode not in smartnode list"


My smartnode status is showing as “Not capable smartnode: Smartnode not in smartnode list”

And in wallet it shows as PRE_ENABLED. What should I do?


Just wait, it should switch to Enabled soon. Waiting time 10 - 45 mins.


Thanks. It is working now


I’ve got the same issue like kishore.t13 in the vps.
May it be possible that there is a probleme if my node (new installed yesterday) is in version 1.1.1 and the desktop-wallet is running on 1.1.0?
If so, is there way to upgrade the wallet as “easy” as possible.



In order to upgrade, both node and wallet software should be upgraded. Please see the guide here:


uuh, i’m just a lucky guy :roll_eyes:
Starting set up nodes on a day, new versions are available.
The good side: I don’t have to be angree because of loosing the best place in the payment queue before payout and start with a better version.
The bad side: I lost 5 hours searching for a solution and that sucks.
Hopefully in the future there will be a kind of information box, setting up by starting the wallet, so that everyone gets important information easy. I don’t like wasting my time in reading every single forum oder discord post, sorry.


For me, the Smartnode synchronization is taking forever with a wallet connection to two nodes. It needs to download 100 Mb to sync smartnodes and I am at 75 Mb after a few hours.

The blockchain synchronized fast though.


could you please advise whether I have to keep my wallet open on my PC while node is running on separated server?


No you don’t need. Only VPS need to open 24/7