SmartNodes are B.S. Now


Updates, to systems in an effort to sabotage that system should be illegal, In this (context, NODE UPDATE,) and community the DEV that created the last Node Update, should be voted off the Island.

So, I’m seeing many forums with the same issue I’ve had since the last update, and each posting on differing platforms are not answered or answered with B.S. No one addresses or cares about this issue, and I submit DEV’s don’t want it dealt with.

The issue, at the moment “additional data synchronizing” for hours never updating therefore not allowing you to restart your node that stopped paying for no reason a week ago.

But the main issue, a constant need to restart your Node, because it just stopped paying for no reason, or because it keeps asking for restart, again no reason.

Additionally, I paid $1500.00, for a node worth 2 Bills maybe, and each node payment has decreased in value so that even if it did pay on time without the rig, those payments are never worth more than 40 bucks. Each time it pays.

P.S. Since update, node stops paying every 15 days - that is a built in theft.



we just release the wallet v1.2.5
that resolve the smartnode list sync issue

Release notes

  • SmartNode list sync - Avoid stucking due to incoming pings.
  • RPC command sendrawtransaction - Parse instantpay flag properly.
  • Debug console peers table - Adjusted UserAgent width.
  • Transaction screen - Enabled selected amount representation.
  • Fixed crash when the client is started with an incorrect system time.
  • Fixed crash on startup when additional indexes are enabled.
  • Fixed SmartReward’s cycle end representation when the cycle ended.