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Guide SmartRewards (FR)
25th is coming. Here is how to consolidate your SMARTCASH so you can activate SMARTREWARDS correctly!
Why eligible for smart reward only 0.01 SMART?
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French translation of the website

It is the 24th. You have been mining hard all month and you have a fair amount of SMART in your wallet.

You understand that SMARTREWARDS block reward distribution are only paid to individual addresses of over 1,000 SMART. You also know that you have to make sure you dont pull SMART from those addresses so you can get a chunk next month.

Like many, you are unsure where to begin because everything is in 250 SMART chunks spread over many addresses.

In this poorly written guide, I will show you how to consolidate them.

A) Launch the wallet and go to the RECEIVE tab

B) Create however many address you would like. I personally have a few (some for savings, some for spending, as well as others for random purposes)

C) Copy and paste that address and go to the SEND tab

D) Click on the “Inputs…” and the following screen should pop up

E) As you can see, we have alot of 250 SMART in individual addresses that are not eligible for SMARTREWARDS. Your goal is to select these amounts, consolidate them to your liking, and send it to one of your “other” addresses. After you have selected them, click OK.

part of the reason of going through this step is to make sure we are using the mining addresses. and of course, to make sure you dont accidentally spend SMART in those accounts for your HODL

F) Simply copy-paste the address that you made in step B

G) Fill in amount, press send… and then go back to the “Inputs…” box…

H) You can now see that your funds are consolidated into the addresses of your choosing. In this example, both of these accounts are eligible for SMARTREWARDS

Hope it helps!


French translation of the website

If you have multiple addresses in your wallet, one of them or more than one being a SmartRewards address, and you still want to use that wallet to send out coins from an active address, you can do this:

You can lock the SmartReward addresses, which prevents coins from being sent from those addresses.

So if we take the example above, say you want to lock the 30.966 address since that’s your SmartRewards address; you just lock that in place using Lock unspent and from that point on all your future send transactions will come from the other addresses.

Moving coins from one address to another?

@slpin Please want to know, who and who is eligible for the smartrewards?

Only miners or anyone who has coin in their wallet, or one who has a minimum of 250Smartcash?

Your prompt respond will be highly appreciated



new here so maybe a dumb question. to receive the rewards every month does your wallet need to be one that is downloaded from or can you hold your coins on an exchange wallet?


Excellent question.


here is how it works.

a snapshot is made on all accounts on the 25th. those addresses are tracked to ensure nothing is spent from it. then on the next month’s 25th, reward is distributed to those addresses that passed the test. the reward is 15% of block reward earned during that time.

if you spent anything from the addresses, you will not be receiving a reward for that period.

TL:DR put smartcash in one address before the 25th, wait 1 month, have smartrewards. dont do anything, and that address will compound.


not a dumb question.

it has to be your wallet downloaded here. get as much SMART as you can before the 25th, make sure they are all in the same address (with my instruction above), then wait till the next 25th. if you dont touch that amount and wait till the 25th after that - YES, you are getting compound rewards.


We don’t advise using exchanges as some exchanges may end up keeping smartrewards from the users and we do not want that, but I guess it depends on a exchange by exchange scenario.


thanks, I got it all set up and was able to transfer from the exchange. your instructions are great.


Anytime, my fellow smartie!


I do not understand the amount charged. If we consider a more specific example: in the purse from August 25 to September 25 there was 1000 smart - how much will approximately be remuneration for this month, calculated in a smart? 100, 200, 500 or more?

It’s just difficult for me to understand what exactly 15% :thinking:


I see that no one can explain in detail how much is charged 15%. Judging logically, if 5% is allocated for mining, and 15% for “smartrewards”, then the monthly payment will be 3000 coins for each frozen 1000 smart?


It would be impossible to tell ahead of time because it is based on how many wallets have the minimum amount and no withdraws. You could estimate the amount that will be dispersed by calculating how many blocks will be mined in that time period and multiplying out the percentages.


Doesnt the lock unspent only lock for the current wallet session ? as in when you exit and re-open the wallet the lock is no longer applied ?


@OLD the reason is its a proportionate distribution, if say 4000 addresses meet the 1000 SMART or higher criteria, then its 15% of mined total ammount, which is to be distributed over those 4000 addresses.

So the variables from what i can tell is how much is mined, by the community, and secondly how many addresses stay qaulified during the month, until it is distributed.

so until the day of distribution, its only a guess, because the variables mentioned above, though can be forcasted are not absolutes. @slpin @JuicyG please correct me if i am wrong.


which is my favorite part, thank you guys.


:cold_sweat:so i have to wait for a month?





The easiest way to think about it is this.

For every block mined, 750 SMART goes into the SMARTREWARD (you can check explorer) to be transferred back to people with over 1,000 smart in their address which they had not with-drawn for the fore-mentioned period.

If during a period of 1 month, 1,000 blocks were mined, then 750,000 will be transferred equally to all addresses eligible address.

Scenario 1

4 total addresses and everyone is eligible
a) 100,000 SMART
b) 50,000 SMART
c) 25,000 SMART
d) 150,000 SMART

sum(A:D) will give me 325,000.

750,000 / 325,000 will give me roughly 2.3

a) 100,000 SMART * 2.3 = roughly 230,000 to be xfer’ed in (address now holds 330,000 after transfer)
b) 50,000 SMART * 2.3 = roughly 115,000 to be xfer’ed in (address now holds 165,000 after transfer)
c) 25,000 SMART * 2.3 = roughly 57,500 to be xfer’ed in (address now holds 82,500 after transfer)
d) 150,000 SMART * 2.3 = roughly 345,000 to be xfer’ed in (address now holds 345,000 after transfer)

Scenario 2

4 total addresses but Address D gets his/her address invalidated
a) 100,000 SMART
b) 50,000 SMART
c) 25,000 SMART
d) 150,000 SMART homeboy decides to withdraw 1 SMART during the period

sum(A:D) will give me 325,000

since homeboy/homegirl’s account is ineligible, the calculation will invalid his/her reward, making…



750,000 / 175,000 will give me roughly 4.3

a) 100,000 SMART * 4.3 = roughly 430,000 to be xfer’ed in (address now holds 530,000 after transfer)
b) 50,000 SMART * 4.3 = roughly 215,000 to be xfer’ed in (address now holds 265,000 after transfer)
c) 25,000 SMART * 4.3 = roughly 107,500 to be xfer’ed in (address now holds 132,500 after transfer)
d) 149,999 SMART * 0 = 0 to be xfer’ed in (address now holds 149,999 after transfer)

I hope that answers your question, feel free to let me know if you have any other.