SmartRewards Guide


i will buy it soon :smiley:


It turns out that you do not have a fair calculation, the fewer coins in a purse the greater the amount of compensation.
It turns out to have 3 different caches for 10,000 coins more profitable for SmartReward than 1 purse with a balance of 30,000 coins? So? I think you made a mistake in the calculations. Please answer.


i think you are mis-reading it.

think of the 4 examples i listed as a population of 4…

3 cache of 10,000 would be the same as 1 cache of 30,000…


The math… Thank you… Numbers soothe me. No seriously, the mathmatical breakdown is excellent work. Always appreciates a person who shows their work.


@slpin can we mine from wallet ?


what if you added coins on your 1000 coins that had been snapshot on 25th? what reward would you get? or will it cancel the reward?


That will not cancel the reward.


How if I hold 1,000 Smartcash on Cryptopia since August 20, 2017. Will I get any rewards on September 25, 2017?


Unfortunately, you will not. You get rewards to hold your smarts in qt wallet. and on soon to be released web -wallet.

But not on exchanges.




2Days remaining for that SmartRewards. :man_cartwheeling: :man_cartwheeling: :weight_lifting_man: :weight_lifting_man: :basketball_woman: :basketball_woman::man_dancing: :man_dancing::massage_woman: :massage_woman:


Hahaha, you were sooooo wrong :slight_smile: Cryptopia is awarding users again like with bitcore’s 3%. And I bet it’s completely unintentional, next time they’ll figure out how to grab all the rewards themselves.


We just have to take this stance we know what we will be wrong sometimes but we can’t say you can use some exchanges but not others.


where is The Smartcash Twitter Giveaway ?


Do I need to turn on my computer and open my wallet when the snapshot occurs? Or do I have to open my wallet at all times for me to get the rewards? Or I can just put in 1000 SMART in one address and close my wallet or shutdown my PC and still earn rewards? Please clarify. Thanks!


hey @tengski - you don’t need to open you wallet for the snapshot :slight_smile: you could have your wallet closed for 6 months and still receive all the rewards during that period :slight_smile:


That sounds great! thanks for the info. I have one last question…

Does the percentage of the rewards change overtime? Does it increase or decrease? And what factor/s does it base on why would it change?

Thank you again.

Buying for some more of this treasure!


it changes based solely on the amount of address eligible during the time period for the block reward re-allocation.

if you refer to my reply in this thread on aug 22, it should clear it up :slight_smile:

do keep in mind as “time goes on” there are more SMART out there, so the amount will be re-allocated to a larger group…


Thanks slpin,

I am currently buying everyday. Withdrawing everyday. Would you suggest that I deposit all my daily purchases (which is more than 1000SMART a day), to be deposited in one address? Or is there any disadvantages if I have my 1000+ SMART in different addresses in my wallet? Or is it better if I put them all in one single address?


Hey @tengski there is no advantage of having them all in one single address. If you have a few different addresses, one benefit is that if you do need to withdraw some SMART you will only have to skip the SmartReward cycle for that address. Whereas if you deposit everything into one address and then need to withdraw, you will loose SmartRewards on all of your coins. For that reason I like to keep SMART in a few seperate addresses (some for rewards, some for spending) :slight_smile: