SmartRewards Guide


Hi everybody,

I have my wallet on cryptopia, is this wallet ok for smartreward or only the wallet which is downloaded and installed on PCs?

Actually there are 4339 smarts, what smartreward is expected?

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Thanks Hannahlicious. That’s a great tip. Do you have the history of the % of rewards payouts? I am just curious how much are the previous rewards are… Currently it is now 12.53%

Does it go up or down? what makes it go up or down?

Thanks again!


How about web wallet is this qualified for staking.


@cloudspyder The web wallet is a way to display your public key(address), your coins are on the blockchain and are eligible for the reward,


Thank you @densche1, that would be great.


Hello guys,

Just wanted to confirm if I am allowed to put more SmartCash into the wallet during this period. Lets say my wallet has been snapshotted today, can I add more SmartCash into it, will that change in number cause me to lose rewards?

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You can add smartcash as long as you don’t remove any during the month after the snapshot. But only the amount at the time of the snapshot will be use for reward. The added smartcash will be taken in effect only at the next snapshot.


Great to know. Thank you for explanation :slight_smile:



I purchased on 27.october 17 the 1000 smart + mined 470 smart since today 26. november, had it all in smart cash wallet and got NO 25% REWARD!!!
How come??


The reward will apply next month. Based on the november snapshot. You missed the snapshot of october.


As Slpin explained in an earlier post:

“a snapshot is made on all accounts with 1000 and more smarts on the 25th. Those addresses are tracked to ensure nothing is spent from it. Then on the next month’s 25th, reward is distributed to those addresses that passed the test. The reward is 15% of block reward earned during that time”.


Pardon my ignorance, but how do I do this? “u could estimate the amount that will be dispersed by calculating how many blocks will be mined in that time period and multiplying out the percentages.” I just dont know how to find this info on the block explorer. Thanking you again in advance.


Thank you, this is really helpful.


How did you come up with this number?

Nobody knows how much exactly SmartRewards will bring. It depends on both mining block rewards and the amount of SMARTs in elegible addresses.