SmartRewards Snapshot Coming up on Block 631600 at About 2130UTC Tonight, the 24thNews


Reminder to all SmartCash holders waiting for SmartRewards this month: As announced in SmartRewards are now block based and not time based.

The next snapshot is coming at block 631600, or roughly 2130UTC on the 24th of August.
SmartReward details can be seen by going to your SmartRewards tab in your Node Client, or by running the below on a node (or running smartrewards current from the debug console).

$ smartcash-cli smartrewards current
  "rewards_cycle": 13,
  "start_blockheight": 574100,
  "start_blocktime": 1532527467,
  "end_blockheight": 621599,
  "end_blocktime": 1535139967,
  "eligible_addresses": 20713,
  "eligible_smart": 509852032.8965868,
  "disqualified_addresses": 4400,
  "disqualified_smart": 99999209.14070834,
  "estimated_rewards": 8555448.9,
  "estimated_percent": 0.0167802584828279

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