SmartStudent Ecosystem (5 months mkting plan) by Coach Digi



  • Create a SmartCash Ecosystem where SmartStudents can use SmartCash in their school
  • Create a system where mexican SmartCash merchants can accept SmartCash and auto convert a % of it to Mexican Pesos (MXN)
  • Negotiate with a mexican exchange to trade SmartCash/MXN
  • Educate and convince merchants on how and why accept SmartCash as payment
  • Educate Students on how and why to use SmartCash
  • SmartCash Awareness campain (Football team sponsor)
  • Create a SmartCash website with 3 updates a week (Radio Crypto (live stream and podcast, Weekly SmartCash video news and SmartCash blog article)

5 months (August-December)

  • 1 exchange that will accept SmartCash/Mexican Pesos (
  • 1 website with 3 updates a week (
    • Video tutorials (36)
      • 14 videos SmartCash School (English and spanish) = 28 videos
      • 4 videos SmartCash Merchants (English and spanish) = 8 videos
  • SmartCash Multimedia
    • 12 Radio Cripto Shows (1 weekly)
    • 20 SmartCash Blog articles (1 weekly)
    • 20 SmartCash news videos (1 weekly)

SmartStudent Ecosystem

3 months

  • SmartCash food schoolarships

    • 45 SmartStudents will receive food Schoolarships
    • 7 new merchants accepting SmartCash (School cafeteria and 6 restaurants)
    • 6 SmartCash Talks at the Anahuac University (2 x month)
    • 6 Meetups at 6 differente restaurants that will accept SmartCash as payment in Cancun, Mexico
    • 12 Radio Cripto Shows (1 weekly)
    • 4 Events where we will have a SmartCash Stand
      • “Know your School”: 1,500 students from 25 different high school
      • “Anahuac 5k & 10k run”: 800 runners
      • “Lions Anahuac interschool week”: 1,000 athletes from 9 different Anahuac University Campus
      • “New People Congress 2020”: Biggest congress of youngsters in the region more than 1,700 students.
  • Lions Football team sponshorship: 66 coaches/players will pay their visiting games meals with SmartCash*

    • SmartCash logo in the team uniform
    • SmartCash logo at the stadium
    • 4 Local games
      • SmartStudents Pizza and refreshments stand (SmartCash accepted)
    • 4 Visit games
      • 8 restaurants in 3 different cities (Mexico City, Puebla and Guadalajara)
    • Post Season
      • 1 game in the budget (only if needed)
        • Visiting game
          • 2 restaurantes
        • Local Game
          • SmartCash promotion at the game


Pirate FM Radio Cancun & SmartCash Meetups (1 weekly x 2 months = 8 meetups)

  • 2 weekly (5 minutes interviews)
    • 1st interview: Invite audience to the SmartCash Meetup + talk about the restaurant that will accept SmartCash + Talk about a topic of SmartCash
    • 2nd interview: Talk about the Meetup and the restaurant + talk about a SmartCash topic
  • 1 weekly meetup
  • 1 restaurant that will accept SmartCash
  • 15 attendees will receive a SmartCard with 10USD in SmartCash so they can pay their meetup dinner at the restaurant and keep some SmartCash in their wallets.


It is the first time I heard about kapytal.
Is it trustworthy? (En chilango: Güey, ¿no es patito?)

How will you make it to accept SmartCash?

I think it is low to get 7 new merchants accepting SmartCash in three months. It should be a month goal.


Kapytal is a new exchange we spoke to them in a meetup we did and negotiated with them to accept SmartCash if we promote Kapytal with SmartCash in our proposals.

For a merchant to accept SmartCash we need to:

  • Explain what is blockchain and SmartCash to the owner
  • Convince them to accept SmartCash
  • Register and download the SmartCash ecosystem (Wallets, Smartpay, etc)
  • Teach the staff how to accept payments in SmartCash
  • Have a meetup so they know how to accept SmartCash
  • How will they registere a payment in their own Point of Sales system
  • Teach them how to convert SmartCash into Fiat so they can use their SmartCash anytime they want.

We will have a new strategy so we can get 1 merchant per week (12 merchants in 3 months) this will be in Cancun.

It will be great if you want to join us to get new merchants in Mexico City,