SmartStudent Ecosystem (5 months mkting plan) by Coach Digi



  • Create a SmartCash Ecosystem where SmartStudents can use SmartCash in their school
  • Create a system where mexican SmartCash merchants can accept SmartCash and auto convert a % of it to Mexican Pesos (MXN)
  • Negotiate with a mexican exchange to trade SmartCash/MXN
  • Educate and convince merchants on how and why accept SmartCash as payment
  • Educate Students on how and why to use SmartCash
  • SmartCash Awareness campain (Football team sponsor)
  • Create a SmartCash website with 3 updates a week (Radio Crypto (live stream and podcast, Weekly SmartCash video news and SmartCash blog article)

5 months (August-December)

  • 1 exchange that will accept SmartCash/Mexican Pesos (
  • 1 website with 3 updates a week (
    • Video tutorials (36)
      • 14 videos SmartCash School (English and spanish) = 28 videos
      • 4 videos SmartCash Merchants (English and spanish) = 8 videos
  • SmartCash Multimedia
    • 12 Radio Cripto Shows (1 weekly)
    • 20 SmartCash Blog articles (1 weekly)
    • 20 SmartCash news videos (1 weekly)

SmartStudent Ecosystem

3 months

  • SmartCash food schoolarships

    • 45 SmartStudents will receive food Schoolarships
    • 7 new merchants accepting SmartCash (School cafeteria and 6 restaurants)
    • 6 SmartCash Talks at the Anahuac University (2 x month)
    • 6 Meetups at 6 differente restaurants that will accept SmartCash as payment in Cancun, Mexico
    • 12 Radio Cripto Shows (1 weekly)
    • 4 Events where we will have a SmartCash Stand
      • “Know your School”: 1,500 students from 25 different high school
      • “Anahuac 5k & 10k run”: 800 runners
      • “Lions Anahuac interschool week”: 1,000 athletes from 9 different Anahuac University Campus
      • “New People Congress 2020”: Biggest congress of youngsters in the region more than 1,700 students.
  • Lions Football team sponshorship: 66 coaches/players will pay their visiting games meals with SmartCash*

    • SmartCash logo in the team uniform
    • SmartCash logo at the stadium
    • 4 Local games
      • SmartStudents Pizza and refreshments stand (SmartCash accepted)
    • 4 Visit games
      • 8 restaurants in 3 different cities (Mexico City, Puebla and Guadalajara)
    • Post Season
      • 1 game in the budget (only if needed)
        • Visiting game
          • 2 restaurantes
        • Local Game
          • SmartCash promotion at the game


Pirate FM Radio Cancun & SmartCash Meetups (1 weekly x 2 months = 8 meetups)

  • 2 weekly (5 minutes interviews)
    • 1st interview: Invite audience to the SmartCash Meetup + talk about the restaurant that will accept SmartCash + Talk about a topic of SmartCash
    • 2nd interview: Talk about the Meetup and the restaurant + talk about a SmartCash topic
  • 1 weekly meetup
  • 1 restaurant that will accept SmartCash
  • 15 attendees will receive a SmartCard with 10USD in SmartCash so they can pay their meetup dinner at the restaurant and keep some SmartCash in their wallets.


It is the first time I heard about kapytal.
Is it trustworthy? (En chilango: Güey, ¿no es patito?)

How will you make it to accept SmartCash?

I think it is low to get 7 new merchants accepting SmartCash in three months. It should be a month goal.


Kapytal is a new exchange we spoke to them in a meetup we did and negotiated with them to accept SmartCash if we promote Kapytal with SmartCash in our proposals.

For a merchant to accept SmartCash we need to:

  • Explain what is blockchain and SmartCash to the owner
  • Convince them to accept SmartCash
  • Register and download the SmartCash ecosystem (Wallets, Smartpay, etc)
  • Teach the staff how to accept payments in SmartCash
  • Have a meetup so they know how to accept SmartCash
  • How will they registere a payment in their own Point of Sales system
  • Teach them how to convert SmartCash into Fiat so they can use their SmartCash anytime they want.

We will have a new strategy so we can get 1 merchant per week (12 merchants in 3 months) this will be in Cancun.

It will be great if you want to join us to get new merchants in Mexico City,


Of course I would like to get new merchants in Mexico City.
I will participate next week in ** “DESAFIO PYME. El poder de la Innovación”** (Translation: SME innovation challenge) Expo Reforma (Av. Morelos 67, Colonia Centro, 06600, Ciudad de México) with a booth for my EH&S e-commerce.
I want to use SmartCash as a reward payment system and I want to create a “Power team” of merchants that accept SmartCash, so my affiliates will get options to buy different things.
My goal is to obtain 15 merchansts in one week, mainly because Mexico City population is over 21 millions.
Let’s do it!

Suggest me an woocommerce plugin