Social Media Event in Valencia, Ve


Hello SmartCash community. I am Anthony Montecalvo, I present this proposal to you, together with my friend YI Shum.

This is a perfect opportunity to involve Smartcash in this event that will take place in our city (Valencia-Venezuela).

We aim to receive $ 545 to bring Smartcash to this event where we will set up a stand.
In Valencia there will be an event to celebrate the (Social Media Day) will be on Saturday, June 30, 2018. It will have numbers of people including professionals from different areas, merchants and students. The main topics to discuss would be about (How to set up a creative agency, social network algorithms and involve blockhchain and the cryptocurrencies of the future), in this case it would be Smartcash, since in previous topics it will be mentioned.

This would be a second version of the event. Last year was successful and it is expected that this year will be much better. Many people were involved (professionals in different areas)
Finamientos / expenses.
It would be $ 380 that we expect for financing.
That amount will be divided in different ways to cover the expenses.

• Stand. 80$
• 10 shirts. 200$
• Stickers. 30$
• Ribbons for hanging cards. 15$
• Pendon. 30$
• Photographers. 30$
• Coins to reward new users. 50$
• Sdministrative servicies. 80$
• Food / transfer. 30$

This event will bring a good benefit for both the Smartcash network and for growth in our country, I see new adoptions coming from professionals, merchants, programmers and students who will be present on that day. These people would take as an idea the trade between cryptocurrencies and they would put it in course, some time they see the ease that they would have to make and receive payments, besides avoiding a little the hyperinflation that presents the Venezuelan economy.

Who I am?
My name is Anthony Montecalvo (amontecal1) I am a student and promoter of SmartCash in my surroundings, I am an active member in the community and I spend it publishing informative contents (in Spanish) in the STEEMIT network. With this proposal, I will be able to promote and publicize Smartcash in the event.

In the event I would talk about the currencies of the future, I would talk about Smartcash and its characteristics and the objective that is brought and the growth that has been seen by the community.
Yi Shum is my friend and is a professional in social media and communicator and will be part of the community that is about to be born in our city. She is also the organizer of the event, she knows about Smartcash, she saw it for the first time in Talent Land (Guadalajala Mexico ) and I participate a little with the community.

Why support the proposal?
This event will allow to have this space for Smartcash in order to expand the information to people interested in technology and looking for knowledge and economic solutions, as well as instructing the idea of ​​decentralization and new means of commerce. It will bring a development in our country, as well as adoption by professionals, merchants and students who will be present at the event. With this presentation, we would be sure to leave a new point of view in the community, I think that SmartCash will be an ideal currency for this occasion, also an alternative for the part of businesses by Venezuelans.

This stand will come with objectives to promote the currency in our state and provide information about it. I will talk about this issue and the power that cryptocurrencies have in countries with low or balanced economies and demonstrate that this would be a good way out for the economic crisis in which we are affected. The whole objective of the whole event would be to reach the point where people identify and realize that if you can move forward in our country, that you can grow and show talent and that we can use cryptocurrencies for businesses.

Any comment will be accepted…


Hello Anthony, I thing is a good proposal but I recommend you to change the title, maybe something like, Booth at Social Media Event in Valencia, Ve.

The budget is very affordable but anyway you should describe how you are going to split the money, so assign an amount to every concept. Good luck.


Post this proposal on Discord and reach more people.


I’d like to see some coverage of the event such as blog posts, news, radio, newspapers, or in the event page itself. Seems because it is covered by social media it would be possible to get people there to tweet about it.

If you can include some marketing like that it seems worthwhile.


Hello everyone, I apologize but this forum will no longer go to the vote. the event will be held on the 30th of this month, I do not see that the time reaches me and that I have the financing to date. I knew very little about how to present the proposal, I decided to make the proposal because I am encouraged to promote more smartcash in my country and I know it is a great opportunity to involve smartcash in a massive way in our city and country. I’m sorry, it will be for the next


hello, my proposal will not go to vote because it did not arrive on time, the event will be this May 30, I did not know about the system and time for a proposal, I am encouraged and I am sure that it will be a great opportunity to involve smartcash in this event and that’s why I decided to do the event at my cost and do what I can, I do not want to miss the opportunity and I want to promote.


SmartCash event Valencia Venezuela


saludos hermano! felicitaciones, se ve que estuvo bueno el evento! sigan asi y que tengan mucho exito.


i see the photos. was great. continue this way…
good projects have to grow.