Social Media in portuguese for Brazil



Brazil has a population of 207 million people. It is the 6th most populous country in the world and it has more than 1 million Bitcoin investors, that is more than the brazilian stock market investors (about 600 thousand).

Our country have a terrible currency that has 2 digits inflation and our banking system is very expensive.
We are an emergent continent with a lot of potential in tech-industry and leading new fintech endeavors and blockchain initiatives, who are waiting to discover new ways of decentralization and economic freedom.

The objective is to build a strong SmartCash community in the Brazil. Building a community on social media.

• Building and managing a Twitter account, Facebook group and page .
• Managing the community is a challenge since this has to be done in a very respectful way and giving a follow up on all the questions that might rise.
-A constant follow up on this social media is key for bringing more users to the platform.
-Answering the questions and connecting the people also to our official twitter account @scashofficial and the website
• Creation of Ads for Facebook and Twitter campaigns


• 20 hours per week on social media management at $350 per week

• SmartCash promotion on social media: facebook and twitter $300 per week

• Designer to create the banner to promotion on social media $250

Total Investment Amount for 12 weeks $8,050 USD

After 12 weeks of work, I will post the results. And if the community wants, I will continue with the project.

Matheus Souza


why the cost so high?


I believe it is possible to reduce the budget, but also reduce the number of people affected by the project.


We already have a Hive focused in BRAZIL. We actually are the only coin that people can use daily there.
We are in all media already, blogs, you tube, sites, Facebook and Telegram.

I think you are not up to date. I would recommend you to make a research.