Social Media Monitoring


About Us:

I’m Thiago Contri, CEO of Social Figures, an specialized agency that monitors social networks in order to deliver strategic information to our clients. We service agencies, businesses, legislatures, governments, candidates and consultants who want to understand and relate to their audience through social media. Among many others, we are currently working with UNICEF to identify cases of Zyca Virus and relevant influencers throughout Latin America.


I’ve been introduced to SmartCash a few months ago and loved the project. Following many of the conversations during this time, I could notice some good marketing proposals. Since many things (proposed by us or not) end up happening at the same time, it is very hard to measure how they have increased brand awareness.

My proposal is to implement a real-time monitoring system. We will be able to identify as soon as possible what is happening with SmartCash and other competitors, giving us the ability to change our strategy if necessary.


Fisrt Month - A diagnostic report to be delivered 30 days after approval of the proposal. This report will bring an overview of SmartCash and other 3 competitors on the digital space, indicating the key topics and main influencers for each one.

Months 2, 3 & 4 - Four weekly reports per month, including the following metrics:

  • Volume of mentions
  • Sentiment chart
  • Main posts
  • Main topics/subjects
  • Volume per social network
  • Main influencers
  • Insights and actionable recommendations

In total, we will deliver 13 reports during duration of the project (4 months).


  • Month 1: $2900
  • Months 2, 3 & 4: $3200 per month (this will be broken into 4 milestones)

Prices already include social media monitoring tool fee.


Please find below some examples of a quick study we developed last month.


Hi @CryptoBrazil I love the idea. Social media insights are supper relevant and the comparison tonother can help us shape the market
Count on my vote


Cool mate, thanks a lot for your support. We all know how important the data analysis process is nowadays. Happy to hear suggestions on this proposal.


Sounds interesting, be good to have the tools to monitor the health of SmartCash though Social media


Sounds interesting to me!


I’m not saying that the idea itself is not worth it, but I do have an opinion, that it is presented too early. I guess it should better be implemented when multiple active SMM programms across several countries are up and running.

At the moment I do not see how such a budget allocation would create positive ROI for SmartCash.


@godschild I think that the benefit is in capturing some of the content that is not created by smartcash and also what our competitors are doing. We know what we say, but we don’t necessarily know all that is happening online. @CryptoBrazil would it be possible to provide read access to some of the smartcash team members ?


@rlamasb that’s exactly the point, understanding what other coins are doing will improve a lot our marketing strategies. We would be able to give read access to some users, but in order to to that we would have to use other tool that is twice the price of the one i’m planning to use (I don’t think it’s necessary atm). Instead, I could ajust the proposal to send an overview of the highlights every 24h.


That would be a good idea @CryptoBrazil, if it does not impact the price too much.


@rlamasb I could send a quick overview of the highlights every 48h without any impact on the price.