Some of the projects are made just for stealing funds


Yea, it’s not just that people are agreeing with terrible business plans, people aren’t thinking critically neither do they make suggestions which can improve or even help improve the plan itself. The proposals most people tend to vote on are pro-smartcash hyped proposals and not well planned proposals.

Though; I just think more people should get involved and have that “work as a team mindset”. I’ve some proposals with good ideas but not well thought-out. As a community we can contribute to building these ideas instead of just criticism.


Here we go again, people. We have $350K proposal on voting portal requesting huge amount of money for dubious outcome:

SmartCash members commenting there and in pre-proposal section (Reality Check w/ Ben Swann Powered by SmartCash UPDATED) are all clearly look against the proposal yet some whales voted for it making it impossible to most of the community to outvote against.

Honestly, to me this proposal looks like a money grab. Тhe proposal is mentioned in weekly SmartCash news, but who is backing it? It is clearly seen that the majority of the community is against this overly expensive proposal. So it may look like a planed attack on a community budget in order to steal from it.

The main issue with this particular project is obvious - not only everyone talks against, but also no one is answering questions or publicly defending it. Ben wouldn’t even bother to respond defending $350K proposal! So shall we expect a responsible fulfilment? Shall we allow community budget to get wasted?

I would like to ask the opinion of early adopters and hive members.
@JuicyG @nitego @Solarminer @Azuuri @Somnium @hoangton @cryptodate @hockleyj @slpin

is anyone finds the Ben Swann’s proposal promising and worth spending such an amount on? If no one truly sees this as a good proposal, should we tolerate the steal? If not together, who is able to defend the community budget?

SmartCash has no protection against whales invested in SmartCash in order to steal from community budget later on. Do you agree with that?


Hello guys! I have a pre-proposal. I would like to know the opinion of the forum members. If you could give an opinion, it would be of great help.
Follow the link

Thank you


This is a very important concern we have to consider if we really want to reap the benefits of funding our proposals from community funds.


I believe that only with an increasingly active community malicious or costly proposals are they being nullified.


A few whales voted for the Ben Swann proposal, but apart from that, there was also decent “popular” support. There was roughly as much addresses voting for the proposal as there was voting against. Increasing our visibility is important, but I don’t think we got a good deal. There’s a lot of countries - Asian, African, European… - where you could have billboards + newspaper ads + movie ads + tv ads + web vids for $350 000.

The best we can hope now is:

  • that the project ends up delivering.
  • that funds will be sent to Ben only after he delivers what he promises (30 million SmartCash branded views on his videos for instance).


There are roughly 2-3 time more No than Yes votes.

Of course, increasing SmartCash visibility is important, but at reasonable cost. Having a SmartCash logo on used-to-be-TV guy’s “conspiracy” videos is generally could be fine, but at $60K per month? Though let’s see how successful Sponsor Spotlights will be.

Quotation from the proposal: “…At our current average of 600,000 views per video…”

The examination of Youtube and Facebook pages shows that provided numbers are exaggerated.

Well, let’s hope for the best.


2-3 times more No than Yes votes, are you sure? I see 539 yes addresses out of 1139 votes.

Other than that, I agree with the rest of your post. The entire proposal perplexed me, its support even more.


True, I miscounted looking just at some random pages. Now I’ve learned to use filter, thanks ))

If we count out 75 invalid YES votes, we’ll be left with 464 votes. I wonder why all the supporters keep quiet?

Interestingly, we may see only 14 invalid No votes and 75 invalid Yes votes. Just a funny observation.


@JuicyG wanted it to pass, so it passed. lets hope that its not a complete waste of money.


Good things about Ben Swann:

Will get SmartCash noticed A LOT! (already started)

He changed ‘his’ graphics to ‘yellow’ to go with SmartCash. Looks much better! :+1:


Maybe request SmartCash instead?

Thanks. :two_hearts: :innocent:


7/24/2018 7:24pm ET
105 SmartCash $88,001,536 $0.083511 $3,045,180 1,053,773,052 SMART [let’s see what it goes to] :pray: :innocent:


You sound very optimistic about the proposal. We all hope it will end up being positive, but some have doubts.

Will get SmartCash noticed A LOT! (already started)

This is precisely one of the things people have been doubting about, along with what seems to be unrealistic claims (30 million views on his SmartCash videos).

  1. I think in a month or two (possibly sooner), SmartCash will be a household name/brand (and you won’t need him anymore); :wink:

  2. That’s not to say: a) that it will lead to adoption, or b) that his pricing is not too high, it is (presently);

  3. He may get 30 million views, but:
    -it won’t be by 30 million people because most are repeat visitors/viewers
    -it may take all 6 months unless he chooses some ‘hot’ stories
    -it won’t be on the sponsor spotlights but his regular ones…most of his fans don’t like crypto - but his regular videos will ‘say and show’ SC as sponsor

Ideas to make it go better:
-we can suggest stories for him to do
-we can suggest topics for his SC spotlights
-we can teach him about SC and give him constructive feedback and corrections
-the hive teams can help him work and budget better


I’m willing to help. I’ve been thinking how to do all this, and still researching.

Can someone please tell me:
@Karl @Solarminer @JuicyG @alexander @slpin @hoangton @Azuuri @mark-smartcash @hockleyj and anyone else

If Funding is:
30% - Hive Structuring Team
Funds ongoing maintenance through dedicated SmartHive Structuring Teams.
70% - SmartHive project treasury
Funds allocated for SmartHive community projects and goals.

Where does the SC come from for people to buy and hodl, and how much is presently available?

If I started a fiat exchange (and trade), where would I get the SC to swap for fiat? Through a proposal? The Hive Teams and Developers? Other?

Thanks. :slight_smile:


The truth I see many proposals and little growth in the community, very few results really and little adoption, this because those who put the proposals only look at their pocket and do not see a win-win, another way to corroborate is taking screenshot of the accounts created, or a list of names, something like that that is verifiable what is being done


I personaly would go for canceling such a projects…like Swenn and some other or so. We have to find some tools for this as is very bad!


exactly…this is a big problem and we have to solve this ASAP


WE FOCUSING BIG IN CZECH with supporting at big investors and at common people to invest and interest in smartcash for free. And We really dont want to see a wasting for such nonsenses such is SWANN sponsorship!!! really this is piss me off
as Many Faced God


@everyone, this is a Decentralized Economy. Voices are Heard and all Votes counts. It’s all over, after 14 days passed- by. Let keep our head straight to see the Reality.