Soon Listing in MonkeyCoin


Hello Community,

We are days from launching Smartcash on Monkecoin, finally Venezuelans will access it.

It is supposed to come in two more weeks but thanks to a little pressure from our side will probably go Live next week.

Venezuela is ready…!


Hi, This is a great news!! congratulations Themonkeycoin, the Venezuelan people will be excited to get Smartcash as soon as possible, exchanging it with bolivares.

Hola, Esto es una gran noticia, felicitaciones Themokeycoin, los venezolanos estarán encantados de obtener Smartcash tan pronto como sea posible, intercambiándolo con bolívares.


If you need any help with marketing collateral or getting this out please do not hesitate to ask! This is going to very huge for everyone in Venezuela!


@Decentralizd @tate_kitty Thank you for the support. A hand with marketing collateral is appreciated. And yes this will be huge for Venezuelans, Smartcash provides a great opportunity for Venezuelans and we will all witness the impact on people’s life! We are making history along with Smartcash… Wait for it!


is this only can be use in venezuela or everywhere?


@azisjesika we are launching two markets: VEF/SMART + BTC/SMART, that means the whole world can access SMART with BTC but only Venezuelans can buy with FIAT.


okay gotcha …its interesting … and im sure i will participate on this :slight_smile:


This is very good for the community. Have our support.

We can build a better world if we faithfully believe in technology.

In addition Smartcash’s inculcation to the Latin American market will be the solution to many problems facing innovation.

Disrupt and dream!


Amazing well done :blush:


Hi monkeycoin, when will be ready the exchange for SmartCash?? In Venezuela, the people are asking about it, waiting for it


We are getting it all done, clock is ticking, announcement is approaching…


Great info. This is really amazing for people around the world.


I cant wait ! This is awesome!!
Estoy esperando con muchas ganas de enviarle dinero a mis familiares !! Con smartcash