Spark SmartCash interest in Iran and get a community growing


Iran suffers under severe inflation, lack of trust in the government and of course US sanctions. It has with its young & well education population a high potential when comes to merchant & user adoption since other modern means of payment are not widely adopted yet. Furthermore due to the inflation many people in Iran started looking towards crypto currencies. 80 million people live in Iran. On top of the 80 million in Iran, and over 5 million Iranians live abroad who due to the US sanctions have issues of sending money back home.

The goal is to spark interest and to identify & train at least 2 interested people that are willing to start the SmartCash community in Tehran, Iran and to going further push for adoption.

Who am I:
My name is Thomas (Discord=ThoBo), am an IT professional and I have good ties to Iran as my wife is Iranian and I have been to the country numourus times. I currently live in China, not in Iran, but I will be in Iran end of September/beginning of October. I am been part of the SmartCash community since end of 2017, and have in recent month been more and more active on discord and on social media to support adoption. I truly believ in SmartCash and as a community driven coin I believe each member has the responsibility to support. I will also without funding inform but with funding it would have more impact.

Part A: Event to inform people in Tehran about smartcash
With the help of local iranians organize events to introduce SmartCash to a larger audience that through simple means of marketing are made aware about the event. The first part of the event would focus on blockchain and introducing the benefits & features of smartcash, the second part would show the how to (rewards, wallets, smartpay, smartcard) and help setting up the accounts to those interested.

Part B: 2 community leads
Among participants and friends we would identify 2 people that are willing to continue the engagements and to create&submit future proposals for increasing the smartcash adoption in Iran going forward. They shall join the discord group and actively participate and keep the persian discussion channel going and support questions from iranians, as well as organize local meetups with locals who are interested.

Part C: Up to 10 Merchants
As part of the proposal I would join the apointed community leads to approach local vendors and try to get up to 10 vendors on board to accept smartcash. (if merchant join the how the event, maybe we already get some there).

Part D: SmartCash web page translation to Farsi
Furthermore, part of the proposal could be to get the website translated to Farsi (language spoken in Iran)

Please comment if you disagree with any of the parts above as I am happy to customize it as required.

High level cost estimate
As this is a pre-proposal to get feedback on from the community the cost estimates are just very high level.

  • event venue ( 100 - 200 USD)
  • snacks/drinks for participants (20-50 participants ~ 50-100 USD)
  • (optional) printing 3-50 smartcash Tshirts (at least myself and the 2 community leads should have smartcash Tshirts) - pricing to be confirmed - get at least Tshirts for 50 USD and do a lottery at the end if necessary
  • (optional) In the how Tos it would be great to give 10 SmartCash coins to each participant so they can have it in their newly created wallet or smartcard (=200-500 SmartCash)
  • Create Pay with SmartCash banners for merchants in persion language (~ 20 USD)
  • (optional) provide 1000 Smart to the 2 community leads so that they can witness the monthly smart rewards and as incentive to continue to spread the word
  • (optional) provide 50 Smart to each merchant as incentive (up to 10 max merchants) after they created their smartpay account, downloaded the app, hanged the banner and are willing to accept future purchases with SmartCash (= 500 Smart)
  • (optional) Web page translation ( ~ 1000 USD)

rough max total cost = 500 USD + 195 USD (=3000 Smart) + 1000 USD (webpage translation).

Kindly provide your feedback if you believe this would be helpful, and if you would support it.

If we receive postive comments we can get into more detail and submit a proposal on the SmartHive portal in the coming days.




I think this is a great idea, considering recent events in Iran. Please send me a message on Discord (@bhm) if you’d like me to proofread/edit the proposal.


Hi bhm777 thanks for your respone and the offer to help. Will start preparing once I get more feedback from the community.


Good idea to bring the information to your country, the adoption is the first important step keep going, good luck


Unfortunately due to more effort required for the pre-arrangements (communication with the vendors and unclear regulations) it will not be possible to prepare, submit and get the proposal approved in time with my planned trip. So will just do it very small without funding to start with and take it further through then hopefully identified representatives who will have a much better chance organizing someting locally. Let’s see.


Starting small is always good. Many projects aim too big and don’t deliver, or they want to change the focus.

Have a good trip!